Coincidence? —Don’t look behind the curtain.

By on Mar 24, 2020

If you have inside information and you act on it does that make you evil or smart? If you allow those with inside information to take your money does that make you stupid or a sucker? WSJ: Jeff Bezos Sold $3.4 Billion in Amazon Stock as Coronavirus Hit USA Lucas Nolan 24 Mar 20209 A recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal shows that top executives in the United States sold a total of roughly $9.2 billion worth of stock between the start of February and the end of last week, saving the executives a potential loss of $1.9 billion. Jeff Bezos sold three percent of his Amazon holdings, worth $3.4 billion, at the beginning of February. In an article titled “Bezos, Other Corporate Executives Sold Shares Just in Time,” the Wall Street Journal outlines how executives at top U.S.-traded companies sold a total of around $9.2 billion in shares of their own companies between the start of...

Another Epstein, Phillip Hainey did not kill himself. SO WHAT?

By on Mar 15, 2020

Unlike epstein, however, congressman, Louie Gohmert is looking into the death of his friend. SO WHAT? Will anything ever come of this? Nothing ever seems to come of the deaths of men who supposedly know too much. Why is that? And what happens to the information these men supposedly have? Surely these men are wise enough to set up dead man switches. Surely these men have their information digitally located in more than one spot. How does their information and proof always seem to disappear with them? Let’s take this guy Hainey, was a whistle blower years ago, supposedly had more information, his friend is a powerful congressman, and he ends up dead. What happened to his previous whistle blowing? If his information was so damning that someone would kill him why hadn’t the congressman already acted on it? We are asked to believe Hainey has this info and he hasn’t shared...

How many people will die in the dem effort to confiscate your guns?

By on Mar 12, 2020

There is no limit to how far communist dems will go to convince Americans to give up their guns. How would you like to have been or to have had a family member in one of these terrorist attacks on American soil that the FBI either were or should have been aware were likely to happen? Seems many, if not all, of these attacks could have been prevented so the only conclusion that any reasonable person can draw is that they were allowed to take place because those in charge, and I am talking about all the way to the top, WANTED them to take place. The people who died in these attacks were not killed by terrorists but by communists in their own government.

Best job in the world – College administrator.

By on Mar 9, 2020

Stories like this are beyond disturbing they are disgusting. Colleges are now nothing more than country clubs for administrators and professors. I would encourage your children to pursue college administration if they cannot land the job of the second native American female law professor at Harvard for $480,000 to teach one class a semester. Clearly, law is not the same law at Harvard as it is at all other law schools. At University of Oklahoma, six vice presidents received more than $800,000 in retention payments Daniel Payne – Assistant Editor •March 9, 2020 Incredibly, the school actually has *more* than six vice presidents Half a dozen vice presidents at the University of Oklahoma pulled down nearly $1 million in retention payments over a three-year period, a number almost as staggering as the fact that the school has so many vice presidents to begin with. Nondoc reported...

“I Was Liberal Until I Lived in a Los Angeles Barrio. Now I’m a Race Realist.”

By on Mar 4, 2020

Surely this is considered racist, NO? Or is this just a statement of fact? Is this the truthful biography of someone who was able to extricate her head from her rectum? Is this just an honest recounting of the truth in the face of the make believe world those who paint that make believe world don’t live in? “I Was Liberal Until I Lived in a Los Angeles Barrio. Now I’m a Race Realist.” By Helen Doe March 1, 2020 I was conceived out of wedlock by two California liberals high on marijuana. They had both grown up during the Civil Rights movement, and were proud of their status as enlightened egalitarians. We lived in a 90 percent white town, but my upbringing was nothing but leftist indoctrination and derision of “racist” Republicans and Southerners. When I was a teenager, the only black guy in school had a crush on me. I didn’t think in racial terms back then, but was uninterested...

This is the premier university in the US? Yeah, right.

By on Feb 26, 2020

Justice Department: 45% of Blacks at Harvard Admitted Through Illegal Race Preferences By J. Christian Adams February 25, 2020 (Banner photos courtesy of the Project on Fair Representation) Almost half of all blacks and Hispanics who attend Harvard were admitted because of illegal racial preferences in admissions according to a brief just filed by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice filed the brief in a federal lawsuit filed by Students For Fair Admissions. It says Harvard’s race-based admissions process violates federal law. This filing marks an extreme departure from the Obama Civil Rights Division that spent significant time and resources seeking to expand the use of race in decision making. The brief says Harvard “considers applicants’ race at virtually every step, from rating applicants to winnowing the field of applicants when attempting to avoid an...