Every democrat senator voted against the “infant born alive” law so we don’t have that law – how is that possible?

By on Jul 3, 2020

What type of person votes FOR infanticide? Obviously every democrat senator in the US Senate. How long is this going to go on? How long are we going to support Planned Parenthood with out tax dollars? How do they get $80 million from the coronavirus debacle? Under Sworn Testimony, Planned Parenthood Officials Admit Infanticide Occurs In Organ Harvesting June 30, 2020 By Madeline Osburn In a new video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Planned Parenthood and abortion industry officials give sworn testimony describing how babies born alive with beating hearts in their facilities are then harvested for organs. Since CMP’s first undercover videos, filmed by journalist and activist David Daleiden, were released in 2015, Planned Parenthood has denied that its facilities sold fetal body parts from abortions, and that their fetal tissue research programs and late-term abortion...

Mask truth? That you have to ask that question is a tragedy. That you cannot get an honest answer may be the greatest good to come out of this test.

By on Jun 26, 2020

The mask idiocy and the faceless fools who now identify themselves. “To Mask or NOT to Mask?” … THAT is the question! By Ty BollingerMay 29, 2020 I can still remember seeing the signs in restaurants growing up in Dallas, Texas. At the time, it seemed like a reasonable policy. I mean, who wants to sit down for a meal and have to look at someone’s gnarly toes? Now, with the COVID-19 “plan-demic” going on, lots of businesses have turned that into “No mask, no service!” Have you seen the insane video of the mob of people chasing the lady out of a Staten Island grocery store for not wearing a mask, calling her a “dirty-ass pig” and a “dirty-ass ho”? Why was everyone so angry? Everyone in the mob was wearing a mask, so weren’t they “safe”?  Oh yes, I forgot, that makes too much sense… Have you seen the video of the Costco employee taking the grocery cart from the man who refused to wear...

The people of Minneapolis have got to be among, if not the, dumbest people on the planet.

By on Jun 26, 2020

The following are real comments by a supposedly sane person. This person is clearly a moron. When mugged by two black teens with a gun to his chest he determines that the instinct to call the police was wrong and that he has not acclimated to “a new way of thinking” yet. “Been thinking more about it,” Erickson said in a text message to a reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.” “Yeah I know and yeah it was scary but the cops didn’t really have much to add after I called them,” he continued. “I haven’t been forced to think like this before. So I would have lost my car. So what? At least no one would have been killed.” And look at the way it is reported, the muggers and car thieves are identified as “the frustrated teens”. WHAT? These are criminals threatening...

Were it not for knowing how corrupt and incompetent our public schools are it would be almost impossible to believe people could be this stupid.

By on Jun 25, 2020

msm thy name is hypocrisy

By on Jun 16, 2020

There’s a double standard from pols and the media with protests and coronavirus By NY Post Editorial Board June 15, 2020 | 10:19pm |Enlarge Image Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s threat to shut Gotham back down is garbage, and he knows it. How can he, or Mayor Bill de Blasio, justify penalizing anyone for drinking or dining in the streets, when they all but cheer people protesting? “We have received 25,000 complaints of reopening violations,” Cuomo tweeted on Sunday, mainly from Manhattan and the Hamptons. “Lots of violations of social distancing, parties in the street, restaurants and bars ignoring laws.” “Enforce the law or there will be state action,” the governor warned. “Bars or restaurants that violate the law can lose their liquor license.” Cuomo bragged that he personally called some businesses he saw on the news to chastise them. Hmm. How about the organizers of the hundreds of people who...

Perhaps the most destructive decision ever by the Supreme Court.

By on Jun 16, 2020

Six unelected, generally stupid, blind, prejudiced and likely corrupted fools in black robes HAVE MADE LAW. That is not their job. They should be removed. BUT, not only have they usurped elected official’s power they have proven how stupid they are since they clearly do not know the difference between males and females nor that there ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS. Carrie Severino: SCOTUS LGBT Decision Will ‘Create a Tsunami of New Litigation’ Against Religious Groups Robert Kraychik15 Jun 2020 The Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) reinterpretation of a federal prohibition against employment discrimination based on sex — which now includes sexual orientation and “gender identity” — will “create a tsunami of new litigation” against religious organizations, explained Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, offering her remarks on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with...