So desperate to cover their crimes (treason) they would destroy the country.

By on Apr 3, 2020

REPORT: Mueller Hid Evidence Exonerating Don Jr. Over Infamous Trump Tower Meeting By Matt Margolis April 3, 2020 Despite the fact that the Mueller report proved there was no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians during the 2016 campaign, Democrats were convinced that there was more evidence out there, perhaps in the tiny fraction of the report that was redacted for national security reasons, that proved Trump actually did collude with the Russians. It turns out that the most interesting things about Mueller’s investigation were not what was redacted from the report, but what wasn’t included in the first place. According to investigative reporter John Solomon, Bob Mueller hid evidence exonerating Donald Trump Jr. over the infamous Trump Tower meeting, during which Democrats were convinced he had met with a Russian lawyer to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton. The...

Real racists and politically correct morons kill the people who vote for them with a smile and a lie

By on Apr 2, 2020

There are two things which are beyond frightening as takeaways from this story. First, these obvious affirmative action appointees to positions that hold the power of life and death. Obvious incompetents put in these positions solely based on the color of their skin, their gender, their sexual orientation and if you can get two or all three in the same candidate you really have a winner no matter how much a loser they have PROVEN themselves to be. And second, and perhaps most frightening as it is the cause for the first, the people who become the victims of these grossly incompetent fools are the very people who put these people in charge. Identity Politics Lied. New Yorkers Died How identity politics pseudoscience left New York exposed to the Coronavirus. Thu Apr 2, 2020 Daniel Greenfield 19 Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative...

Revelation 13:17 is proposed by democrats and other fools think it is a good idea.

By on Mar 25, 2020

REVELATION 13:17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.  Heck, it is already true in China just see the 21 million fewer cell phone story. Coronavirus Stimulus Offered By House Financial Services Committee Creates New Digital Dollar Jason BrettContributor Crypto & Blockchain I write about blockchain regulation and policy.   Updated on 3/24/20 at 11:45 AM: The final version of the economic stimulus package offered by Speaker Pelosi the House Democrats no longer includes the U.S. Digital Dollar proposal; however, the language as proposed by Chairwoman Waters of the House Financial Services Committee still contains this language. Links to the original and updated stimulus bills with the latest language are at the end of the story. As the markets continue to drop and the U.S. looks to Congress for agreement...

Wake up and smell the coffee – President Trump’s Coronavirus Timeline

By on Mar 23, 2020

President Trump’s Coronavirus Timeline By M. Dowling – March 23, 2020 We combined timelines from CNN and Daily Caller. It is important to note that the impeachment took up the entire Fall and the Senate trial took up January and early February. Democrats became engaged in March. The only person addressing it was the President. Democrat debates and Supreme Court decisions took everyone’s attention during the early part of the year. President Trump repeatedly tweeted, held conferences and rallies, always considering coronavirus and its impact. THE TIMELINE Nov. 17, 2019: ‘Patient Zero,’ a 55-year-old from Hubei reportedly Identified by The Chinese Government, China likely knew. Dec. 10, 2019: Wei Guixian, a Seafood merchant in Wuhan, China, goes to a clinic, ends up going home.  Dec. 12, 2019: Wei’s condition grows worse and Wei is rushed to the hospital. She is sent home. Dec. 16,...

Do with it what you will

By on Mar 17, 2020

Given what we know about the msm which seems more likely to be the truth. Given what we know about hatred, irrational hatred and love of money and power who has more reason to lie? Given all the examples we have of how willfully ignorant (“bloomberg spent $500 million, he could have given everyone in the US a million dollars,” being a recent example) and intentionally blind and hateful and owned the talking heads and their masters are which rendition of the statistics seems more accurate and truthful? None of this is to make less of the virus but only to make more of questions, skepticism and perspective. And it certainly has nothing to do with more obvious questions or even more obvious solutions like, how did it get here? BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Coronavirus Fatality Rate Reported by the Media Is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. The Actual Rate Is LESS THAN THE FLU – MEDIA LYING...

How many people will die in the dem effort to confiscate your guns?

By on Mar 12, 2020

There is no limit to how far communist dems will go to convince Americans to give up their guns. How would you like to have been or to have had a family member in one of these terrorist attacks on American soil that the FBI either were or should have been aware were likely to happen? Seems many, if not all, of these attacks could have been prevented so the only conclusion that any reasonable person can draw is that they were allowed to take place because those in charge, and I am talking about all the way to the top, WANTED them to take place. The people who died in these attacks were not killed by terrorists but by communists in their own government.