Fish always stink from the head down or,

By on Sep 7, 2018

why would a campaign want to remove AMERICAN flags from a campaign rally rented VFW hall? Ask yourself, the Nazis used to remove the German flag and replace them with the swastika flag…WHY? Beto’s Campaign Tries to Get a VFW Hall to Take Down Their American Flags byErick Erickson The campaign team rented a VFW Hall for a rally & insisted the veterans take down their American flags before the rally Bob O’Rourke, Ted Cruz’s Irish-American opponent who has culturally appropriated the name Beto to sound hispanic, has been in full defense of protestors taking a knee to the national anthem. Now he’s going directly after the American flag. O’Rourke rented out a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Navasota, TX to hold a campaign rally. According to VFW Post 4006 Commander Carl Dry, O’Rourke’s campaign insisted the VFW Hall take down its American...

More will die? How conflated can you be?

By on Sep 4, 2018

Feinstein declared, more will die from gun violence if Kavenaugh is confirmed”. More will die? She feigns concern over gun violence while endorsing, supporting, promoting and worshiping at the altar of abortion. How can the people of this country not see that she cares not a whit about gun violence? She only cares about how easy it might be for someone to use a gun on her and the people she represents, whether knowingly of unknowingly (which is really frightening when you think about it), while apparently not even capable of recognizing the hypocrisy of her support for the murder if 1.5 million BABIES every year. This is truly and idiot in the midst of idiots. In a word, this woman and her like minded infant murderers. is an idiot and that so many cannot see that is the most frightening danger facing this country and humanity. Dianne Feinstein: More People Will Die in Mass...

Why can’t so many ever learn?

By on Aug 28, 2018

Since this doesn’t seem very difficult to understand there must be another reason so many don’t, can’t or won’t understand it. What do you think it might be?  

One of the most incredible pieces of idiocy I have ever seen.

By on Aug 16, 2018

If you can read this idiocy from the ny times and not get sick you are a better man than me. It’s not bad enough the poor kid who wrote the letter is a confused, guilt ridden product of public education (of course, the letter could be fake, it is the nytimes after all) but the acknowledgment and explanation for that guilt offered by the two morons from the Times captures the absolute foolishness of the left to a tee. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the writer (if he or she is real). Clearly raised by guilt ridden white libtards in NYC and uneducated by the public school system this child is so ignorant and so lost that it seems doubtful he/she will ever, ever find themselves a whole person. But the real crime is the affirmation, explanation and advice offered by the Times writers. They are what is so hard to believe — THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE this poor kid’s...

A Small List

By on Aug 13, 2018

This is just a small list of things that require ID to open, buy or do. Looking at the list and how very common and necessary the majority of things listed are and then asking yourself why is VOTING not on the list there really is only one conclusion you can draw, IF YOU ARE HONEST, as to why democrats insist voter id is racist and all these things are not. If you don’t draw the only obvious conclusion, that by not requiring ID to vote massive voter fraud can achieved, then, you, sir, are an idiot (and a...

My gosh. What kind of parents allow this?

By on Aug 8, 2018

I’m sorry but this picture is really quite disturbing. I would be more worried about being around the people responsible, the people that don’t believe anything is wrong, than I would be about being around the poor child. There really is nothing to do but pray. The video has little to do with this picture but it is worth watching because of what it does have to with. FREEDOM of...