How do you explain these things?

By on Jul 15, 2017

I do not believe any such thing exists as that which we call coincidence. That being said there are just some things that are very difficult to explain. This article is a great example. Believe what you want, believe who you want but when “official” explanations do not make sense even to a casual observer (the explanation for 9/11 made as much sense to me as the lone gunman Kennedy explanation) a thinking person is forced to conclude that something stinks. My biggest problem has always been, WHO is pulling the strings and how are they able to manipulate so many and why, when so many questions seem so obvious, are there no investigations by anyone of substance and if there are and the investigators suddenly disappear or end up mysteriously dead why doesn’t that prompt even further investigation? Here is another question. I do believe men are inherently wicked with...

Liberals Can’t Deal With A President Who Takes America’s Side

By on Jul 12, 2017

Liberals Can’t Deal With A President Who Takes America’s Side Kurt Schlichter Posted: Jul 10, 2017 Let me throw down this marker: The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America’s interests. No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt. What are your questions? Well, if you’re a normal American, you won’t have any questions – these truths are self-evident. But if you’re a progressive, you’re gonna have a little sissy snit fit like so many libs did in the wake of the President’s triumphant Warsaw speech. There’s one thing that always sets them off – uttering the truth/heresy that not only is Western civilization the best and most advanced culture in the history of humanity, but the United...

Can’t see the forest for the trees.

By on Jul 2, 2017

The “reporter” of this article attempts to demonstrate the ideological divide that exists in this country between the red parts and the blue parts with a story about tress taking place in Austin and she is somewhat successful. BUT it is this closing quote by one of the residents of Austin that epitomizes the divide: “And what about my rights as a property owner to live in the kind of community I want?” she said. “That’s my right, too.” What an uneducated, self-serving clod. This comment shows such wrong thinking and it is this type of thinking that divides. She has the right to life (though she likely does not believe the unborn have that right), liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. She does not have any right to anyone else’s stuff for her happiness. It is not her right to live in the type of community she wants unless she OWNS the community. Simple as that. This is...

Much sadder than the story is the story telling.

By on Jun 23, 2017

And the story teller is sadder than the stories characters by far. One can feel pity for the family in the story but one can only feel remorse and disdain for the story teller. The family may have been somewhat trapped by a history of bad decisions and democrat forced bondage but the story teller is in much worse shape. The author is trapped in the far worse democrat bondage of higher education preventing analytical thought. The author not only cannot see the forest for the trees she lives in a land of make believe where cause and effect, responsibility and results are not related. Rather than address the problem they (I switched to ‘they’ because this investigation is an editorial board approved effort) address the results of programs put in place to remedy the problem but not as if they are related. Rather, they address the problem as being caused by the programs but...

Must you make an ass of yourself to write for the msm?

By on Jun 9, 2017

For all the seemingly valid opinions of democrat pollsters and researchers quoted in this article you cannot help but sense that the author is writing with contempt for the voters. The real kicker though is the closing paragraph, what value does it serve? The article has nothing to do with policy results only policies that were supported by the opposing parties. The author shows himself to be exactly who he describes as the problem for the dems, an elite looking down his nose at the great unwashed who do not know what is best for themselves. The opening clauses of the last paragraph, “For all the harm he has done, continues to do and proposes to do,” prove that the author is either a fool or that in order to get published in the Times you must include some asinine elitist opinion about the President regardless of what you are writing about. The Democratic Party Is in Worse...

This is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read.

By on Jun 4, 2017

Aslan hosts a show called “Believer with Reza Aslan” on the network in which he “immerses himself in the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer,” according to the show’s website.   The entire article can be found here.  CNN host calls Trump ‘piece of sh*t’ over renewed call for travel ban