157 shot, 22 dead over 4 August weekends in Chicago

By on Sep 1, 2019

And in a day and a half of the three day weekend of Sept. 1 there are already 25 shot and 7 more dead in Chicago and what is the headline, 7 dead in Texas shooting. Thank goodness for the hurricane. We live in a country of fools and liars. The Chicago murder spree has been going on for years, dozens of years, and we hear next to nothing about it but we hear plenty about any mind controlled or drugged up lunatic who gets something in his head somehow (put there by someone or something) and goes out and shoots some innocent people. Oh, and let’s not look at the current or previous mayor as they are both pure as new driven snow.  Clearly, and obviously, there is an agenda in both. 25 Shot, 7 Killed, During First Half of Labor Day Weekend in Chicago At least 25 people were shot, seven fatally, during the first half of Labor Day Weekend in Democrat-controlled Chicago. The Chicago...

Army Officer Becomes a Media Hero for Breaking Federal Law Endorsing Joe Biden at a Rally

By on Aug 31, 2019

Something is very, very wrong here.   Yesterday, Joe Biden was on the the campaign trail in South Carolina. As part of his campaign rally, a US Army officer, in uniform, addressed the crowd and expressed her admiration for the leadership of Obama and Biden when she was in Afghanistan. I’ve been saving these coins for six years to meet you and President Obama so if that I ever met you, I would give it to you. I’m so honored to have served under your administration and your leadership and I hope and pray that you will be our next president. This is wrong on so many levels that one doesn’t even know where to start. It is a blatant, in-your-face, f*** you of Army Regulations and DOD policy for a member of the Armed Forces to attend  a partisan campaign rally in uniform. It is a bigger screw you to speak at the rally and to endorse a candidate for president. The fact that she’s a...

A little perspective and something you will never hear

By on Aug 6, 2019

As senseless and tragic as these mass shooting deaths are, this report notes, the American people are still being kept from knowing that what occurred yesterday is in reality a “Normal Tuesday Afternoon” for the peoples of Mexico—a nation whose strict gun laws The Washington Post says could be a model for the US—most particularly because Mexico has only one store licensed to sell guns that their citizens aren’t even allowed to own—but so far this year hasn’t stopped their citizens from being gunned down in historic numbers—with this year’s gun deaths so far being 14,603—that’s on pace to overtake the historic 29,111 of their citizens gunned down last year....

I know he is the dumbest man on television but don lemon is disgusting

By on Aug 2, 2019

This interview is an absolute disgrace. He is obviously dumber than dumb as his questions are written for him but my heavens to simply read what is written and to seemingly have no idea what you are actually doing is bad but if he knows what he is saying than he is even worse than a mere puppet. To me it looks like someone is speaking in ear, telling him what to say. This man is disgusting.

This is news?

By on May 11, 2019

Some deluded moron who believes a pedophile received instructions from an absolutely CAPRICIOUS god (I would make that font smaller if I could) says the entire US naval fleet could be destroyed with one missle and it is reported as actual news? This is news? In what sense of the word? We are back to the idea of shear idiocy with the only question being who is the biggest idiot, the delusional cleric, the reporter, the editor (if there even is one) or the publisher. The question we should  be asking is just when are the mm going to start reporting news rather than click bait? When are supposed “reporters” going to start doing even something resembling their job? Answer – not until what we have is all taken apart.   Iran cleric says U.S.”fleet can be destroyed with one missile”, ISNA news agency by Reuters Friday, 10 May 2019 12:52 GMT DUBAI, May 10...

Ephesians 6:12

By on Apr 22, 2019

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” Perhaps this is obvious but were this written today besides “rulers” and “authorities” Paul certainly would have added the MSM. But I digress. The “we” Paul refers to are Believers, Christians and the wrestling he describes has never changed. The ‘rulers’, ‘authorities’ and the msm are merely the conduits, the vessels of wrath, the minions of ‘the comic powers’ and ‘spiritual forces of evil’. How else can the same battle rage for 2000 years? How else can you explain the lock step marching of so many for so long? How else do you explain what you witness daily in this country alone?...