How evil must todd’s bosses be?

By on Jan 5, 2020

Scientific Survey Shows Voters Widely Accept Misinformation Spread by the Media Ken Blackwell, James Agresti, Donald McLaughlin, Kathryn Jean LopezJanuary 3, 2020 NBC News reporter and political director Chuck Todd recently railed against “misinformation” and singled out President Trump and “the right” for having an “incentive structure” to spread it. Todd — who, according to NBC, “is responsible for all aspects of the network’s political coverage” — also stated that Republicans criticize the media for “sport” and “the loudest chanters of fake news” are “the ones who, under a lie detector, would probably take our word over any word they’ve heard from the other side on whether something was poisonous or not.” Speaking directly to those unsupported claims, a scientific survey commissioned by Just...

What a great Christmas present for the sane.

By on Dec 23, 2019

I simply cannot help but think that if these companies were actually doing journalism rather than propaganda they might not have to shed all these fools. But, hey, let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. Merry Christmas. 7,800 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide Benjamin Goggin Dec 10, 2019, 4:05 PM   Thousands of people in the media industry have lost their jobs through layoffs or buyouts in 2019.Mike Blake/Michael Kovac/Lara O’Reilly/INSIDER In the past month, layoffs and cuts have hit Verizon Media, Gannett, the CBC, and Highsnobiety, bringing the total number of media layoffs, cuts, and buyouts in 2019 above 7,800, according to Business Insider’s tally. The latest cuts followed layoff and buyout announcements at BuzzFeed, Vice Media, and Disney. For comparison, it’s estimated that some 5,000 media jobs were cut from the market from...

7,700 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide

By on Dec 9, 2019

I wonder how this can possibly be? Is it possible people are finally sick of bs? Funny thing is, Tump’s economy created 266,000 jobs just last month and the people who mock him, who have been trying to destroy him since before he was elected are the only industry LOSING jobs.

google manipulates results and no one seems to care.

By on Nov 8, 2019

BE sure to Watch the Video at the bottom of this post. I am left with one question, this revelation was well over two months ago, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT? I fear, like most everything else, absolutely nothing. Delete 33,000 emails – so what? Run pedophile ring for world’s elite and “hang” yourself – so what? Drop $150 BILLION in cash on the tarmac of the world’s number one terrorist country – big deal. Manipulate the news and the language in a way Goebbels could not even dream of – SO WHAT? Crickets and more crickets from all our most dignified and respected “leaders”. Disgusting. Don’t be evil: whistleblower Zach Vorhies breaks down how Google set out to literally program our minds Written By:Maryam Henein Google’s beginnings start in Room 380 of the Gates building on the Stanford campus. It was there that...

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

By on Nov 8, 2019

IT is almost incomprehensible…

By on Nov 7, 2019

It truly is almost incomprehensible that so many can be either corrupt, corrupted, blackmailed, blackmailable or so stupid as to honestly believe what they are saying. It truly astounds that so many can have so little integrity. It is almost like that is the number one qualification to work for the government, to seek public office or to work for the msm. Taken together they are an unbelievable collection of the absolute worst humanity has to offer. If you look at this story Bombshell: Star Schiff Witness Amb. Taylor Admits NYT Was His Source and combine it with this story “CBS Sided With A Pedophile”: Network Fires Staffer Who Had Access To Robach-Epstein Rant you have just today’s examples of the self-serving, self-righteous filth inhabiting the State Dept. and the msm newsrooms. Just look at the disgusting behavior of almost everyone involved.  This State Dept...