Imagine what your government does to ordinary people. How can anyone believe anything they say?

By on Aug 15, 2020

The Washington Post ran an op-ed on Aug. 12, 2020, titled “Barr wants Michael Flynn’s charged dropped. Judges should be able to question that.” It is a perfect example of deliberate deception and obfuscation from a major news outlet. @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn THREAD— Molly McCann (@molmccann) August 15, 2020 19/ Clearly, the Washington Post will say what it takes to downplay or attempt to completely hide the truth from the American people. In that pursuit, the Post will be unsuccessful. Justice and truth will prevail.🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️— Molly McCann (@molmccann) August 15, 2020 Read the entire thread here: President Obama and His VP Biden Were Involved in the Coup Against President Trump – General Flynn Was a Target – The MSM Is Covering It...

No one can possibly be this stupid.

By on Aug 10, 2020

August 10, 2020 CNN takes first place in the ‘total lack of self-awareness’ category By Andrea Widburg One of the givens in modern American politics is that the media despise President Trump.  Except for Fox News, which gives him a fair shake, the rest of the American media have a hatred so intense that, no matter the story, they have to give it an anti-Trump twist. No wonder jokes circulate that if Trump announced he’d found a cure for cancer, the media would instantly lambaste him for taking work away from doctors.  That’s why it was so funny to see Brian Stelter and a guest applaud themselves for their fair-mindedness. We already know that journalists hew left — way, way left.  Of those American journalists who donated to a presidential candidate in 2016, well over 96% donated to Hillary Clinton.  As a general...

Is this true? Sure would seem so.

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Real data (again) comparing seasonal flu deaths in Texas in 2017-2018, & 2018-2019, to C19 deaths in 2020 (data from Texas Dept of Health): 2019 flu data ; 2018 flu data 2020 C19 data as of 7/14/20;— Andrew Bostom (@andrewbostom) July 15, 2020

Real? If not, what then? Tower 7- explain it. Pentagon – explain it . Ghislain headline – explain it.

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The coup attempt to oust President Trump from power, this report explains, was led and directed from the highest reaches of the FBI—who maintain in their possession the surveillance footage from the 85 cameras that showed what happened at the Pentagon on the morning of 11 September 2001—surveillance footage from all 85 cameras that within minutes were confiscated by an army of FBI agents who could have only been prepositioned to confiscate them after the Pentagon was attacked, and only 6 frames of hundreds of feet of footage have ever been released—an attack said to have been caused when an American Airlines Boeing 757-223 aircraft designated as Flight 77 was said to have been deliberately crashed into the Pentagon by Islamic terrorists—a supposed attack that was said destroyed this aircraft’s black box voice recorder, but did see its black box data recorder being recovered—an...

Waste, fraud, corruption – thy name is government.

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Who doesn’t believe they couldn’t go into any government agency, department, section, or office and run that agency, department, section or office with 10% less people and on a budget 25% less? By MEGAN CASSELLA and ELEANOR MUELLER 06/10/2020 05:58 PM EDT Governors and local officials are struggling to meet payrolls amid a pandemic that has dramatically hiked government costs and sapped tax revenues. The U.S. shed 585,000 government jobs in May almost entirely at the state and local level, even as the rest of the economy began to show signs of recovery. Now state and local governments are looking to Congress for help as lawmakers begin to consider another round of economic aid. The job losses in government — which totaled more than 1.5 million in two months, according to Labor Department data — could get worse without a federal backstop, state officials and some members of...

Mask truth? That you have to ask that question is a tragedy. That you cannot get an honest answer may be the greatest good to come out of this test.

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The mask idiocy and the faceless fools who now identify themselves. “To Mask or NOT to Mask?” … THAT is the question! By Ty BollingerMay 29, 2020 I can still remember seeing the signs in restaurants growing up in Dallas, Texas. At the time, it seemed like a reasonable policy. I mean, who wants to sit down for a meal and have to look at someone’s gnarly toes? Now, with the COVID-19 “plan-demic” going on, lots of businesses have turned that into “No mask, no service!” Have you seen the insane video of the mob of people chasing the lady out of a Staten Island grocery store for not wearing a mask, calling her a “dirty-ass pig” and a “dirty-ass ho”? Why was everyone so angry? Everyone in the mob was wearing a mask, so weren’t they “safe”?  Oh yes, I forgot, that makes too much sense… Have you seen the video of the Costco employee taking the grocery cart from the man who refused to wear...