You have to absolutely LOVE this girl.

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And how stupid and shrill the left is when she shreds them is priceless.

Do with it what you will

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Given what we know about the msm which seems more likely to be the truth. Given what we know about hatred, irrational hatred and love of money and power who has more reason to lie? Given all the examples we have of how willfully ignorant (“bloomberg spent $500 million, he could have given everyone in the US a million dollars,” being a recent example) and intentionally blind and hateful and owned the talking heads and their masters are which rendition of the statistics seems more accurate and truthful? None of this is to make less of the virus but only to make more of questions, skepticism and perspective. And it certainly has nothing to do with more obvious questions or even more obvious solutions like, how did it get here? BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Coronavirus Fatality Rate Reported by the Media Is COMPLETELY INACCURATE. The Actual Rate Is LESS THAN THE FLU – MEDIA LYING...

No one is this stupid so how do YOU explain what you see?

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CNN Wonders Why Distrust in Media is High – Same CNN: Saying “The Coronavirus Originated in China” is Racist… Posted on March 12, 2020 by sundance Elania Plott is a CNN analyst who notes in her conversations with supporters of President Trump the disdain and distrust in media is worse than any time she can remember: Perhaps this short recap video will help explain.  CNN is now claiming that anyone who uses the term “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Corona Virus” is being xenophobic and racist.  The Media Research Center looked into it and captured some rather stark hypocrisy: Share...

If people do not hang America is finished.

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  FBI’s Russia collusion case fell apart in first month of Trump presidency, memos show Flynn collusion ruled out, Steele dossier debunked in January 2017, more than two years before Mueller announced it. By John Solomon Last Updated: March 11, 2020 – 4:40pm Article Dig In The piecemeal release of FBI files in the Russia collusion investigation has masked an essential fact: James Comey’s G-men had substantially debunked the theory that Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Moscow by the time the 45th president was settling into the Oval Office, according to declassified memos, court filings and interviews. And that means a nascent presidency and an entire nation were put through two more years of lacerating debate over an issue that was mostly resolved in January 2017 inside the bureau’s own evidence files. The proof is now sitting in plain view. In rapid fire sequence in...

Anyone hear this story? Mass shooting story disappears in a hurry, WHY?

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Well, the answer is simple. Once it was revealed that the shooter was a black man who supports liz warren the story went away. Funny that. What is even funnier is that in all the “news” stories I could find reporting the actual incident not one of them mentions the race or political proclivities of the shooter. NOT ONE. Had the shooter been a white man do you think it would have gone unmentioned? How about a white Trump supporter? Gun control, white supremacy, black lives matter – NOT A PEEP about any of it. Widburg and Watson have this exactly right. February 28, 2020 There’s a very good reason the media are silent about the Milwaukee mass shooting By Andrea Widburg On Wednesday, an angry ex-employee got a gun, put a silencer on it, went to the MillersCoors facility where he had once worked, and shot five people to death before shooting himself.  One would...

This is an absolute disgrace and those

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associated with it in any way should be more than shunned they should be cast out, placed on ships at sea and unless they are willing to say the book is pure fiction they should be considered as people without a country for they are little better than traitors. At best, the book should be treated as  Pulitzer prize winner, Brown University history professor emeritus Gordon Wood told RealClearInvestigations the only way The 1619 Project should be used in the classroom is “as a way of showing how history can be distorted and perverted.” Children in All 50 States Being Taught Revolutionary War Was Fought To Promote Slavery By Randy DeSoto Published February 6, 2020 at 3:36pm The New York Times’ 1619 Project — a curriculum that makes the fantastical claim that a primary cause of the Revolutionary War was the colonists’ desire to protect slavery — has been adopted in 3,500 classrooms across...