The people of Minneapolis have got to be among, if not the, dumbest people on the planet.

By on Jun 26, 2020

The following are real comments by a supposedly sane person. This person is clearly a moron. When mugged by two black teens with a gun to his chest he determines that the instinct to call the police was wrong and that he has not acclimated to “a new way of thinking” yet. “Been thinking more about it,” Erickson said in a text message to a reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.” “Yeah I know and yeah it was scary but the cops didn’t really have much to add after I called them,” he continued. “I haven’t been forced to think like this before. So I would have lost my car. So what? At least no one would have been killed.” And look at the way it is reported, the muggers and car thieves are identified as “the frustrated teens”. WHAT? These are criminals threatening...

Were it not for knowing how corrupt and incompetent our public schools are it would be almost impossible to believe people could be this stupid.

By on Jun 25, 2020

Fortunately, not all are fools but there sure seem to be plenty who are.

By on Jun 22, 2020

Contact tracing? What is really going on? If this doesn’t get you involved you are already DEAD.

By on Jun 15, 2020

Watch the videos. Follow the links. See if any of this makes sense. Coincidence Theorists See All Donut And No Holes In The Coronation Of The Cult 06/07/2020 Authored by Doug “Uncola” Lynn via, Over the past several decades Americans have viewed regularly televised dramatic episodes of political theater. The use of the word “episode” is especially appropriate because the dramatic scenes are sequential and continuously broadcasted onto electronic screens. The drama is designed to elicit emotion, foment anger, and unite or divide the nation in order to, ultimately, affect change. The societal cataclysms we’re experiencing now could be naturally occurring – as the result of certain trends like demographics, technology, modernization, education, centralization, economic inequality, political platforms, or even systemic corruption and civilizational...

Will those with dark skin continue to allow themselves to be played for fools?

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Kentucky governor: Drop dead white people.

By on Jun 9, 2020

Kentucky governor vows to provide healthcare coverage for all black residents It is indeed difficult to believe how disgusting and stupid most politicians are. The dems really seem to be giving the gop a run for their money in the stupid department lately. Either this governor thinks the majority of his state’s population is stupider than he is or he is just a racist fool. I’m betting it is the latter. My black ass would be offended by this “charity” to keep me on the plantation. by Madison Dibble  | June 08, 2020 Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the state will begin working on a policy to provide healthcare coverage to every black resident. Beshear, a Democrat, said the policy would be vital in ending healthcare disparities between the state’s black and white residents during a press conference on Monday. “Today, I’m going to make a...