Another AnD sO wHaT? One has to wonder WHY they even bother?

By on Jan 24, 2020

Grassley Expands Probe Of Stefan Halper’s Pentagon Contracts Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter January 23, 2020 10:54 AM ET Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said Wednesday he is expanding his probe of Department of Defense contracts awarded to Stefan Halper, a former professor who was a confidential source for the FBI in its investigation of Trump campaign associates. The Iowa Republican said he is investigating the Office of Net Assessment’s (ONA) contract compliance after he reviewed “troubling documents” related to Halper’s contracts. “Those documents call into question ONA’s stewardship of taxpayer dollars as well as its contract management and internal controls,” said Grassley, who also sent a letter to ONA Director James Baker. ONA, which is considered the Pentagon’s internal think tank, has awarded more than $1 million in contracts to Halper since 2012 to conduct...

With all the outright theft it is hardly a wonder why Washington NEVER has enough money.

By on Jan 21, 2020

I don’t know how this stuff does not INFURIATE EVERYONE. Instead, this will go the way of all the other corruption and theft of the American worker’s time and money. Nothing will come of it and so it goes right into our newest category – AnD sO wHaT?  So what that these people are STEALING millions and millions and millions while two bit car thieves are getting life sentences. And while we are ‘so whatting’ have you considered the fact that many, many, many of the people running their mouths and involved in this “impeachment” ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WERE INVOLVED in the cLINTON impeachment? And even forgetting the hypocrisy they now exhibit the question that should REALLY PISS people off is WHY ARE THESE SAME PEOPLE STILL IN WASHINGTON? These people are very far from the best this country has to offer. In fact, many are the worst this country...

7,700 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide

By on Dec 9, 2019

I wonder how this can possibly be? Is it possible people are finally sick of bs? Funny thing is, Tump’s economy created 266,000 jobs just last month and the people who mock him, who have been trying to destroy him since before he was elected are the only industry LOSING jobs.

How many American lives is it going to take?

By on Dec 7, 2019

Clearly, human lives are as meaningless today as they have ever been. But not to worry, the Saudi king is very sorry. And the Saudi king can rest easy that things will remain the same as they are since we will never know the truth of what happened here since the investigation is being handled by the Fixing Bureau of Investigation. Lets see, 3 other Saudis are FILMING the murders and we are to believe what about that, they were innocent bystanders filming the landscape? How many non-Saudis were filming ANYTHING at the time? Let’s see, the murderer tweets right before the murders that he HATES Americans because America supports Israel invading muslim countries (just where is that happening? When has that ever happened?) and three Saudis are filming it and we have to wait to determine if this was a “terrorist” act? Let’s see, we can all go back to not being...

Chick-fil-A NO more.

By on Nov 22, 2019

Not sure what kind of Christian Mr. Cathy is but from the looks of it he worships money more than God so I would say not one at all. After reading this article what strikes me most is how dumb the left is in the big scheme of things. Apparently Chick-fil-A was already making huge contributions to leftist causes. Contributions in the millions. These contributions already far outstripped the paltry $125,000 they gave to the Salvation Army and Christian Athletes. But the leftist loons couldn’t see the benefit of allowing this, what seems to amount to deception, to continue. Even though leftist organizations were already getting most of the corporate donations it was too much for the left and apparently for the Cathys to allow these tiny donations that preserved the Christian image this franchise enjoyed.  So the charade has come to an end. I am sure that soon they will be open on...

Why the Texas House doesn’t work for the people of Texas.

By on Nov 2, 2019

The following article lists the names of House members who called for Speaker bonnen to step down before it became dreadfully obvious he must. The list is very short, a mere 24, meaning all those not on it likely deserve to be primaried as they surely saw nothing wrong with bonnen’s liberal stances or his lack of integrity.  ONLY twenty-four men and women out of 150 members with sufficient convictions to know a RINO scoundrel when they see one and be willing to stand up and say so while a whole bunch of other so called conservative republicans refused to act until they no longer could not, all in a vain attempt to cover their own backsides. Is your representative on the list? Probably not. Chances are he/she has a primary opponent so get out and find out who that person is and help them out for they certainly can be no worse than the sorry lot who thought it fine that bonnen was...