7,700 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide

By on Dec 9, 2019

I wonder how this can possibly be? Is it possible people are finally sick of bs? Funny thing is, Tump’s economy created 266,000 jobs just last month and the people who mock him, who have been trying to destroy him since before he was elected are the only industry LOSING jobs.

All of D.C. is absolutely disgusting.

By on Dec 9, 2019

  Lindsey Graham: I’m Gonna End This as Quickly as I Can for the Good of the Country Sen. Lindsey Graham turned up on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo earlier today. He only did one segment, but a lot was said about the impeachment process. Graham, as is his habit, tossed out a lot of red meat that will infuriate some observers and please others, and vice versa. He got all sides covered, as usual. His basic message was this: Impeachment is tearing the country apart, and because of that he is not going to extend it by doing things like allowing the President of the United States to call the witnesses he wants, or to force Adam Schiff to testify under oath about his pre-dealings with Eric Ciaramella, who everyone knows is the fake whistleblower who kicked this whole thing off. There will be no testimony from Hunter Biden or Joe Biden or Alexandra Chalupa or anyone else,...

Never Trumper cornyn – worse than ever.

By on Dec 5, 2019

Lest you ever forget which team cornyn plays for. We Warned You: McConnell Making Moves Against Trump, to Protect the Swamp – Sends His Praetorian Guard to Tell Trump No Matter How Weak the Evidence, We Are Going to Put You on Trial HJIC Published on November 15, 2019 Opinion| Lawrence David| It’s not an accident of fate that Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader just as Chuck Schumer didn’t ascend to the leadership of Senate Democrats because of his charming personality and negotiating ability. Both McConnell and Schumer are brothers in arms, committed to the preservation of the established order – a.k.a. the Swamp. You’ll remember that McConnell opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy until the time it became 100% politically untenable to continue to do so.  He has done little to advance the Trump agenda. This was after he worked with then-Speaker John Boehner to crush the ‘pesky...

Another example – worse than kamala.

By on Dec 5, 2019

Is it just me or aside from being offensive in their thinking are most democrat women also offensive to the eyes? It certainly would seem that way. And it would seem that the more hysterical and the more Trump deranged and the more communist they are the more offensive they are to the eyes. If you’re honest, doesn’t she look more like a guy? I wonder if having faces and bodies made for radio is a contributing factor to their world view of if the hateful nature of their worldview contributes to their outward appearance. Either way, would you want your children anywhere near this woman? Below is this incredible witch from yesterday’s sham show.  A law professor from Stanford no less and on hillary’s short list for the Supreme Court.  Can you imagine this woman on the Court? The law obviously doesn’t mean a thing to her (just like the other women on the court...

The world needs more of this – Hard Truth.

By on Dec 4, 2019

This is the moment that finished the lying, prostituting, fake black and most despicable kamala’s chances and what we need is much more of this everywhere. Raw truth that cannot be spun out of or covered up. This is indeed a rare moment in the political arena and we all, no matter your political leanings, owe Tulsi a tremendous thank-you and a standing ovation. And before you play the video just look at the two faces. I get the same impression as I got whenever I say hillary side by side with another woman. There is an ugliness that supersedes the physical appearance of women like kamala and hillary that simply cannot be denied. Could it be that what they are on the inside is effecting what they look like on the outside? What about men you say? Well, consider george...

This is how dems measure success. Hilarious if it weren’t so very, very sad.

By on Dec 3, 2019

And the heck if it is they learn nothing. They actually think they succeeded here. There is no correlation between cause and effect with democrats/liberals/socialist/communists/progressives (these are synonyms if you were unaware). Does any rational person really believe that you could not solve this problem simply be getting the gov’t out of it? Unless these cities adopt market solutions there is not enough money in the world for a government bureaucracy to solve this problem (or any other for that matter). Just listen to this poor fool who counts it a success that during his tenure they managed to spend a boatload of taxpayer money and homelessness INCREASED by 33%. I suppose when you are a democrat the success is not in solving the problem but in being able to increase your staff fourfold in five years. And these are smart people? Be sure to read the exit interview at the...