Learn something FOOL- Bastiat brilliance

By on Jul 3, 2020

6 quotes for Frédéric Bastiat’s birthday by Rev. Ben Johnson • June 30, 2020 The French writer, philosopher, and exponent of liberty Frédéric Bastiat would turn 219 years old this week. For more than a century Bastiat’s concise, wisdom-infused words have led people on both sides of the Atlantic to embrace the timeless principles of limited government, freedom of commerce, and unalienable rights. Even Karl Marx begrudgingly acknowledged Bastiat as “the most adequate representative of the apologetic of vulgar economy.” Bastiat was born in France on June 30, 1801 (although some sources give June 29 as his birthday). In honor of his birthday, here are six quotations about life, liberty, property, the role of the state, and the compatibility of religion and liberty drawn from his best-known work, his 1850 pamphlet, The Law: 1. Everyone has a God-given right to life, liberty, and property:...

Absolute must read except for those who wish to remain economically ignorant

By on Mar 20, 2020

  “Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out“ The Sorry History of Socialism And the sinister tactics socialists utilize to take over a political system. Tue Mar 17, 2020 Bruce Hendry Editors’ note: Below is Part 8 of a new essay written by Bruce Hendry: Democrats, Progressives and Socialists. Stay tuned for the ensuing chapters. [See links to previous chapters below this article]. 19. Economic Fundamentals. One of the dangers to our democracy is the total lack of understanding of basic economics. Most K-12 teachers can’t teach economics because they don’t know it. Yet every organization from a children’s lemonade stand to the largest company, and of course to a country, is subject to immutable and unseen laws of economics. How can you possibly understand the implications of your political decisions if you don’t have any understanding of...

This could be encouraging.

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Suppose this is true?

If this is off by even 50% the dems can’t win the Presidency

By on Jan 31, 2020

While I am  sure some rino will come along down the road and muck it up if Rasmussen is wrong by even 50% right now the dems are finished. And believe me they know it. The desperation of those who would destroy America is palpable. I truly hope Bernie gets the dem nomination so come November we can drive a stake into the heart of the communists — at least for awhile. Poll: Trump’s Support Among Black Voters Has Doubled Since Last Year by Matt Palumbo Posted: January 29, 2020 In November, two polls found that President Trump’s approval rating among black likely voters had reached 34%. An Emerson poll found that Trump has a 34.5% approval rating among black likely voters and a Rasmussen poll found that number was 34%.Both polls provide an obvious contradiction to the media narrative about President Trump appealing to “racists,” hence why neither got a second of airtime on CNN or...

The new Billy Graham?

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Certainly something to think about for say what you will about the theological understanding of the article’s author, the performer and the performer’s pastor it is for certain SOMETHING is happening. If You Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, You Need to Know What Kanye West is Doing Posted at 5:15 pm on January 22, 2020 by Alex Parker Superstar rapper Kanye West continues his mission to share the Gospel of Jesus to the world. West is using his celebrity to influence the masses, and Sunday, he preached to 12,000 students. At the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association’s Strength to Stand Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, he told the audience that the Son of God saved him from the grip of evil: “I believe Jesus died for my sins. There was a time when the devil had me. Do you know the good news? Jesus can save a wretch like me. I stretch my hands to you/Father I...

Is this a good idea? Once you get past the initial revulsion and think about it, it makes tremendous sense.

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Seattle will soon get world’s first human composting site by Daniel Payne · Jan 11th, 2020 9:50 am Seattle, Washington, will soon become home to the world’s first “human composting” site, a place where individuals can have their postmortem remains slowly decompose into soil. The service, called “Recompose,” will place human remains in a container full of alfalfa, straw and wood chips, all common materials often used to make compost out of non-human remains. The process of breaking down the human body into humus will take about a month, according to officials with the company. Loved ones of those who have been turned into compost have the option of picking up the resultant soil, which will total about a square yard. The remains can also be donated to a forest in the southwestern part of the...