Which history is real?

By on Nov 18, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Trump (But Were Afraid To Admit You Wondered) Authored by Sylvain LaForest via Oriental Review, The timing is right for everyone to understand what Donald Trump is doing, and try to decrypt the ambiguity of how he is is doing it. The controversial President has a much clearer agenda than anyone can imagine on both foreign policy and internal affairs, but since he has to stay in power or even stay alive to achieve his objectives, his strategy is so refined and subtle that next to no one can see it. His overall objective is so ambitious that he has to follow random elliptic courses to get from point A to point B, using patterns that throw people off on their comprehension of the man. That includes most independent journalists and so-called alternative analysts, as much as Western mainstream fake-news publishers and a large majority of the population....

If only more preachers understood the gospel this well.

By on Nov 16, 2019

Nick Fowles gives a lesson in clarity and understanding of the gospel. Too bad more Sunday morning pulpits aren’t filled with such clear understanding of the Good News.

Truly shocking. In a NO gun zone – imagine that?

By on Nov 16, 2019

This really is hard to believe. Schools are no gun zones and in NJ  the entire state is a no gun zone so what you have here is a gun being carried into and used in a no gun, no gun zone. I for one am appalled that criminals do not obey the laws. I am sure this could be solved by either putting up larger signs or confiscating the guns of all the people who do obey the law. 2 injured after shooting at New Jersey high school football game Game attendees leave after shots rang out Friday, Nov. 15, 2019, at a Pleasantville-Camden high school football playoff game in Pleasantville, NJ. Pleasantville Police Captain Matt Hartman says someone opened fire at Pleasantville High School on Friday night during a home game against Camden High School. (Ahmad Austin/The Press of Atlantic City via AP) OAN Newsroom UPDATED 7:30 PM PT — Friday, November 15, 2019 Dozens were sent running for their lives...

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

By on Nov 8, 2019

Why the Texas House doesn’t work for the people of Texas.

By on Nov 2, 2019

The following article lists the names of House members who called for Speaker bonnen to step down before it became dreadfully obvious he must. The list is very short, a mere 24, meaning all those not on it likely deserve to be primaried as they surely saw nothing wrong with bonnen’s liberal stances or his lack of integrity.  ONLY twenty-four men and women out of 150 members with sufficient convictions to know a RINO scoundrel when they see one and be willing to stand up and say so while a whole bunch of other so called conservative republicans refused to act until they no longer could not, all in a vain attempt to cover their own backsides. Is your representative on the list? Probably not. Chances are he/she has a primary opponent so get out and find out who that person is and help them out for they certainly can be no worse than the sorry lot who thought it fine that bonnen was...

These are adults? How can so few cow so many?

By on Oct 21, 2019

Difficult to tell which is the most sickening part of this story. Sure, the fact that a caring old woman was suspended from a voluntary position for ASKING a pertinent question speaks volumes but what speaks even louder are the two supposed grown-ups one of whom, a supposed man, was so offended by some gentle words of concern formed as a question that he HAD to leave the room and the other, perhaps most telling of all, who exclaimed, “Look what you’ve gone and done, you’ve upset him.” UPSET HIM???? What in the world? Look at the old woman’s concern, what type of mentally unstable “man” gets upset by that? The two reactors are who should be offended not the concerned board member. These situations just point to a sickness that is hard to explain. It is exceptionally hard to explain how such a situation could have developed so quickly and how it...