Fish always stink from the head down or,

By on Sep 7, 2018

why would a campaign want to remove AMERICAN flags from a campaign rally rented VFW hall? Ask yourself, the Nazis used to remove the German flag and replace them with the swastika flag…WHY? Beto’s Campaign Tries to Get a VFW Hall to Take Down Their American Flags byErick Erickson The campaign team rented a VFW Hall for a rally & insisted the veterans take down their American flags before the rally Bob O’Rourke, Ted Cruz’s Irish-American opponent who has culturally appropriated the name Beto to sound hispanic, has been in full defense of protestors taking a knee to the national anthem. Now he’s going directly after the American flag. O’Rourke rented out a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in Navasota, TX to hold a campaign rally. According to VFW Post 4006 Commander Carl Dry, O’Rourke’s campaign insisted the VFW Hall take down its American...

What ALL MUST KNOW. Man, is this good.

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Today we come to the end of our exposition of Romans 1–7. My aim today is to venture the impossible: a summary of the first seven chapters of Romans and of 104 sermons that began in April 1998. My prayer and my longing is that the structure of truth — the vision of reality — in this book would become the structure of your mind and your vision of reality. That you would think about God, sin, Christ, and life the way the apostle Paul does — the way God does. And that you would thus become a humble lion-hearted alien and exile in America, ready to lay down your life for the glory of Christ and the salvation of sinners. A Summary of Romans 1–7 Romans teaches that the most fundamental problem in the universe is that God’s human creatures — all of us — have sinned and fallen short of his glory and are now condemned under the omnipotent wrath of God. There is the problem of our condition...

Man this is good and explains so much.

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It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as offspring. (Romans 9:8) Picture the Old Testament Abraham as a pastor. The Lord says, “I will bless you and prosper your ministry.” But the church is barren and bears no children. What does Abraham do? He begins to despair of supernatural intervention. He is getting old. His wife remains barren. So he decides to bring about God’s promised son without supernatural intervention. He has sex with Hagar his wife’s handmaid (Genesis 16:4). However, the result is not a “child of the promise,” but a “child of the flesh,” Ishmael. God stuns Abraham by saying, “I will give you a son by her [your wife Sarah]” (Genesis 17:16). So Abraham cries out to God, “Oh that Ishmael might live before you!” (Genesis 17:18). He wants the work of his own natural, human effort to be the fulfillment of...

Why can’t so many ever learn?

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Since this doesn’t seem very difficult to understand there must be another reason so many don’t, can’t or won’t understand it. What do you think it might be?  

I invite you to offer another explanation.

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If your first reaction is, oh, another fool quoting the bible, I hope you will stop and think for a moment how that very reaction proves precisely what Dr. Morris is saying here. But, then, isn’t that unlikely given that you have rejected knowledge? Funny that. Even sadder is that you likely believe you are smart and Henry Morris is a fool and that you know all things because you graduated from some college where your professors “taught” you all sorts of worthless things and then gave you a worthless piece of paper to prove it. Talk about irony. Talk about proof. Thou Hast Rejected Knowledge BY HENRY M. MORRIS, PH.D.  | FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2018 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”...

There is idiocy and then there is this.

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There really is no polite way to describe the author of this piece. She is an idiot. Unfortunately, what may even be worse is that USA Today actually published this idiocy meaning they have at least one editorial editor that is also an idiot. As the saying goes, you are entitled to your own opinion you are not entitled to your own facts. It would seem that the author of this piece and the editors at USA Today believe they are. Not sure which is scarier, believing you are entitled to your own facts or truly believing your own facts. If you truly believe something that is demonstrably false as being true doesn’t that make you some sort of psychopath? Not that any of this is even worth pointing out as the idiocy is plain to see but I would ask two things: Why are these ideas only brought up when a republican is in office? Why, when the congress and executive branches of gov’t...