7,700 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide

By on Dec 9, 2019

I wonder how this can possibly be? Is it possible people are finally sick of bs? Funny thing is, Tump’s economy created 266,000 jobs just last month and the people who mock him, who have been trying to destroy him since before he was elected are the only industry LOSING jobs.

ALL D.C. as crooked as the day is long.

By on Dec 9, 2019

If you ever wondered how every elected official leaves Washington a multi-millionaire or, if you have ever wondered WHY the elected officials NEVER do what so obviously would solve problems…this explanation is a good as any I have seen.  These people are despicable beyond belief. Every one of them OWNED. Every one blackmailable. Every one greedy beyond belief. Every one a thief of the American taxpayers money. Just absolute human debris.And therein lies the explanation for what we see daily. Everyone says anything they like because they know NO ONE is innocent and can call them out or do anything about it without indicting themselves or submitting themselves for a long nap in the dirt. I know I should pray for their seeing the light but I really want to pray that they all rot in hell. And therein lies the real kicker. Despite all their protestations to the contrary nary a one of...

Anyone who does not believe democrats are sick

By on Dec 1, 2019

is beyond sick themselves. Anyone who needs more proof than this headline and story or who agrees with the vote of these democrat Senators can be considered a murderer themselves and if the murder of infants is not sick than nothing is. What possible health risk can there be to the mother after the child is breathing on their own?  “Women and their doctor should decide,” WHAT? should they decide that killing the baby is in the women’s best interest because the doctor FAILED to murder the child before it passed through the birth canal? What do they do, have a quick little doctor/patient consult where the doctor says, “Don’t worry, I’ll make this right.” And as if that is not sick enough, ALL the democrat Senators running for president voted to make sure the woman and her doctor could perform this gruesome murder. What type of person approves of...

This can’t end well.

By on Nov 19, 2019

This story is but a small example of the dual system of law that has infected this country. The more obvious and in your face this dual justice system becomes the more danger we are in. Either there is a RULE OF LAW or there isn’t and if there isn’t there is nothing even resembling a republic and the great experiment is over. You really have to wonder what is going through these prosecutor’s and judge’s heads. Even law enforcement is certain areas, how can you let criminals go when ICE wants them? Are these judges and law enforcement being told not to prosecute, not to detain and if so by who and why do they listen? No, this problem is much larger than disobedience to your sworn responsibilities. I simply cannot imagine this same treatment being afforded by the justice system to your average white or black law breaker, can you?  I do not see how this ends well....

Bring out the fools who put their faith in MEN (government). Bring them out.

By on Nov 16, 2019

You honestly believe your government gives a crap about you? You are a fool. It is absolutely stunning how willfully ignorant people choose to be. And it all stems from believing that man is inherently good rather than one of the first truths revealed in the bible in Gen 6:5 – EVERY inclination/imagination of a man’s heart IS to evil ALL the time. The below is not hearsay, speculation or conspiracy theory, it is hard cold fact proved by cold hard documents generated by and kept hidden from the public by that same government so many put their faith in. LEt us return to Genesis 6″5 for a moment. The plan of the government is certainly proof one that it is true, the deception is proof two, the hiding or the proof for over fifty years is proof three but by far the greatest proof is that given the irrefutable proof the majority of Americans still trust their government and...

If only more preachers understood the gospel this well.

By on Nov 16, 2019

Nick Fowles gives a lesson in clarity and understanding of the gospel. Too bad more Sunday morning pulpits aren’t filled with such clear understanding of the Good News.