Queer deniers – get ready because here it comes.

By on Jun 11, 2019

Anyone with even half a brain knows that scientists who actually follow facts and search for truth in the field of climatology are known by those who do science for money and their equally corrupt misanthropes in the press as CLIMATE DENIERS. An oddity in and of itself given it is those who make stuff up and actually ignore the science in favor of their paid for narrative that are the deniers. But I digress. Be ready for the same accusations to be leveled at scientists who do actual scientific research in the fields of human behavior and genetics. Johns Hopkins Research: No Evidence People Are Born Gay or Transgender By Tyler O’Neil August 23, 2016 Scholars at Johns Hopkins University released a new report on Monday which argues that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that lesbian, gay, or transgender people are born with this sexual orientation or gender identity....

The sad truth is there are lots of Margaret Sangers and too many of them sit on the Supreme Court.

By on Jun 2, 2019

AND perhaps an even sadder truth may be the very victims DO NOT CARE.

Amazing what passes for not news.

By on May 30, 2019

You know, a really good question is, why is there not one, NOT ONE, reporter anywhere in the msm chasing the biggest stories that this country has ever seen? NOT ONE? Sure Pulitzer Prize material, absolutely the next Woodward and not one “journalist” is even interested in any of these multiple career making stories. The answer goes beyond ideology I can tell you that. Judicial Watch: Former Asst. Sec. of State for Diplomatic Security Testifies Under Oath that He Warned Hillary Clinton Twice About Unsecure BlackBerrys and Personal Emails May 29, 2019 ‘They had come from the campaign trail and they were … wedded to their BlackBerrys … They wanted to be able to have them at their desks where they were working, and they weren’t allowed to have that’ – Eric Boswell (Washington, DC)– Judicial Watch today released the deposition transcript of Eric Boswell, the former Assistant...

Only $6.2 MILLION to own congressman cummings.

By on May 29, 2019

Here’s a shocker. And coming right on the heels of the Martin Luther King Jr. revelations. I would say the wise move today is for all white males to make sure they identify as black female lesbians. Democrat Rep. Cummings Fights Back After He and His Wife Accused of Massive Pay-to-Play Scandal  by Cristina Laila May 28, 2019 Elijah Cummings Last week it was first reported by the Washington Examiner that a charity run by Maya Rockeymoore, the wife of Rep. Elijah Cummings, received millions from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband’s committee. Democrat Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee was in very poor financial condition and heavily in debt due to unpaid child support to three women he had children with — until the last 10 years or so after he married his young, politically connected wife, Maya...

Something has gone terribly wrong when

By on May 19, 2019

people are more driven by the fear of man than the worship of money. When you will not produce a money making show because you are afraid of what a handful of people might tweet you have become something less than human. But then, I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised since we already knew you were less than human by what you do produce. Still, to come right out and say it is quite stunning.   Revealed: Why There’s No Conservative Late Night Shows By Christian Toto | May 18, 2019 1:15 PM EDT Show after show after show hammers the Right, ignores the Left and, in the case of Seth Meyers, actively hides reality if it hurts the progressive cause. There’s no other way around it. So why won’t at least one network or streaming service open the format up to a right-leaning host? It makes sense on paper. Literally half the country lacks a late night show that speaks to them. Why...

This is not a story of a woman who is confused but rather men who are COWARDS

By on May 17, 2019

Hard to imagine what it is going to take – a couple of disgusted and fed-up dads and brothers I would imagine. Or maybe just one disgusted female. Men Already Enter the Women’s Locker Room at My Local Pool. Now Congress Could Make It Worse. Natassia Grover / May 16, 2019 / It came to my attention last spring that a man who identifies as a woman was using the women’s facilities for my local indoor swimming pool. As a woman and a mom, I naturally was concerned that my children or I could be in the presence of a man while using the women’s locker room at the Claude Moore Recreation and Community Center in Sterling, Virginia. So I reached out to the pool director and division manager of this Loudoun County government building to ask what their policies were regarding locker room access. That was just the beginning. After months of asking various authorities, I have been unable to...