This is quite stunning. Cross New Zealand off the list of escape routes.

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Things just do not add up. What does she know? Or is she just nuts? How do you expose a dictator, make them act like one.— reddpill (@_reddpill) August 12, 2020 How do you expose a dictator, make them act like one.— reddpill (@_reddpill) August 12,...

How long would you keep your kid in this school?

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School District Making Parents Sign Waiver Agreeing Not To Monitor Virtual Instruction ByEmily Zanotti•Aug 20, 2020• A school district in Tennessee is asking parents to sign a form agreeing not to monitor their children’s virtual classrooms over concerns that “non-student observers” could overhear confidential information. The form, a copy of which was sent to the Tennessee Star, reads: “RCS strives to present these opportunities in a secure format that protects student privacy to the greatest extent possible, however, because these meetings will occur virtually RCS is limited in its ability to fully control certain factors such as non-student observers that may be present in the home of a student participating in the virtual meeting.” The agreement goes on to “strongly discourage” “non-student observation of online meetings due to the potential of...

What the hell is going on?

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You should be very afraid especially if you have children. If you are not paying attention and are fool enough to send them to public school than you deserve what you get. And what you are going to get you will not understand. If you can’t get past your police problem at least ask yourself why WATCHING THE NEWS is so important that you are a racist if you don’t. Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners Wealthy school district says supporting cops, not watching news is racist Chrissy Clark – August 11, 2020 4:30 PM Elementary school children returning to a wealthy Pennsylvania classroom in the fall will learn that sympathizing with police officers is racist. Gladwyne Elementary School—located in Lower Merion School District, one of the richest in the nation—will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About...

Is this true? Sure would seem so.

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Real data (again) comparing seasonal flu deaths in Texas in 2017-2018, & 2018-2019, to C19 deaths in 2020 (data from Texas Dept of Health): 2019 flu data ; 2018 flu data 2020 C19 data as of 7/14/20;— Andrew Bostom (@andrewbostom) July 15, 2020

Real? If not, what then? Tower 7- explain it. Pentagon – explain it . Ghislain headline – explain it.

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The coup attempt to oust President Trump from power, this report explains, was led and directed from the highest reaches of the FBI—who maintain in their possession the surveillance footage from the 85 cameras that showed what happened at the Pentagon on the morning of 11 September 2001—surveillance footage from all 85 cameras that within minutes were confiscated by an army of FBI agents who could have only been prepositioned to confiscate them after the Pentagon was attacked, and only 6 frames of hundreds of feet of footage have ever been released—an attack said to have been caused when an American Airlines Boeing 757-223 aircraft designated as Flight 77 was said to have been deliberately crashed into the Pentagon by Islamic terrorists—a supposed attack that was said destroyed this aircraft’s black box voice recorder, but did see its black box data recorder being recovered—an...

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Raz Simone Admits To Being A Pimp, Accuses Feminists Of Racism Violent CHAZ leader explains that although he was a pimp, he has always respected “hoes” by Eduardo RiveroJune 27, 2020 Solomon ‘Raz’ Simone, the controversial warlord of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), recently admitted on Twitter to being a pimp, though insisted there was no violence involved in his profession, and went on to accuse the feminists calling attention to his past of being racist. Simone’s remarks drew criticism from feminist CHOP supporters, who regarded that job as patriarchal exploitation of women. “So, I’m misinformed about you being a pimp who abuses women and shaves their heads as punishment and then writes about it in his music?” wrote left-wing commentator Gennette Cordova. Simone then clarified that his pimping was completely consensual. “Yes I WAS a ‘Pimp’ not like that...