Selling unborn baby organs and parts.

By on May 27, 2020

Sure this video and evidence is condemning but more condemning still is that nothing ever happens. Who is surprised that an enterprise dedicated to the slaughter of children doesn’t tell the truth? Only those who choose to look the other way. And they will continue to look the other way for how is it more deserving of attention that the baby murderers are selling the organs and parts yet somehow we are to believe that the lying about the selling and the selling itself is worse than the murder and so NOW something will be done. If you even hear of this story at all that will be the last you hear of it. Your tax dollars will continue to pay the salaries of a group of people that can only be described as satanic and the includes all politicians who authorize your tax dollars going to these murderers. Read that last sentence again, YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE MURDER OF THE MOST INNOCENT...

If this document is not 1938 Nazi Germany please tell me what it is.

By on May 21, 2020

This is an official government document of Washington State. How can it be passed off as conspiracy to find the state taking power like this for the people in charge? What is “INVOLUNTARY isolation”? For a cough, a sneeze or simply because someone in charge doesn’t like you because you’re a Jew or a Christian or a Conservative? There really is only one question, WHO THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? A question no one asked in 1938 Germany. Watch the video and see especially, Options for non-compliance. The word non-compliance should tell you all you need to know. I have reached the point where if you think this is nothing, just a bunch of tin foil hat wearing loons, than you just keep taking the blue pill and sleep. Wednesday, 20 May 2020 “ISOLATION CAMPS – Voluntary Until They Are Not!” Written by  TNA Video According to eyewitnesses around the state of...

You just have to wonder what the truth is. Not about these stories but about the real story of the virus.

By on May 13, 2020

STAGGERING: Nursing Home Residents Account for a Whopping 43.4% of COVID-19 Deaths, Even Though They’re Less Than 1% of the U.S. Population By Matt Margolis May 09, 2020 German Autopsy Study Finds EVERY Coronavirus Victim had Previous Illness — All Had Cancer, Lung Disease, Were Heavy Smokers or Morbidly Obese By Jim Hoft Published May 11, 2020 at...

Governors of NY, NJ and CA murdering their elderly. WHY?

By on Apr 27, 2020

If this isn’t intentional WHAT IS IT? “Cuomo has blood on his hands. He really does. There’s no way to sugarcoat this,” the executive told the Post. “Why in the world would you be sending coronavirus patients to a nursing home, where the most vulnerable population to this disease resides?” What I don’t understand is why don’t people just say NO. No, governor ahole we are not going to accept these people and endanger those we have accepted RESPONSIBILITY for. So come and arrest us but make sure you bring FOX news with you when you come. Seems simple to me. Why are people so afraid to say, “what are you a freaking idiot?” I hope they sue the crap out of...

A mere difference in terminology.

By on Apr 24, 2020

How is what the Chinese do to quarantine their prisoner citizens any different than what is going on here? There really is very little difference, just see the Idaho woman arrested for taking her children to the playground. A bigger question though may be why such strict measures are taken in China. What does China KNOW about the virus that the rest of the world doesn’t? Why do they quarantine people for 28 days after multiple, severe tests? How have they kept it out of their big cities? What is it that they are so afraid of? This virus does not look like it is turning out to be much more than a very contagious flu so what is it that has the world so frightened that they would destroy the world’s economy and the lives of so many people? Something stinks here and has from the beginning and it ain’t Corona. China Locks Down 10 Million People Fearing Second Wave of...

As I’ve been asking, WHAT the Heck is going on?

By on Apr 23, 2020

World wide economic destruction for the flu? The explanations we are receiving make no sense to anyone with even half a brain. Best Arguments Against Mandated Lockdowns Liz Wheeler compiles compelling evidence that the mandatory lockdowns that have been destroying the economy are not necessary or even constructive: The authorities who refuse to back off from the lockdowns have explaining to do.