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How in the world can this even be a thing?

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SHOCKING: The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity By Joe HoftPublished January 24, 2021 The fraud in this past election was massive, the worst ever in recorded history, but it is nothing when compared to what the Democrat (Communist) Party has in store for the future of the USA and the world. In their first act, this Congress led by true communists apparently, is ready to pass a bill allowing all future elections in the USA to be run exactly the same as any communist regime in history. The Populist Press is reporting the first bill put together by this Pelosi-led Congress will eliminate free and fair elections forever.  Fraud will be the mandate and Democrats, the kings of fraud, will win every election henceforth.  The bill is labeled by the Communist Democrats – “For the People Act of 2021“. Below are...

President Trump’s White House put together a list of accomplishments to date from the President’s efforts while in office. The list is a mile long.

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( Below is the entire list: Unprecedented Economic Boom TRENDING: “The Movement We Started Is Only Just Beginning” – President Trump Promises His Movement Will Live On in Farewell Speech (VIDEO) Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy. America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.The number of people claiming unemployment...

The real reason nothing came from all of the evidence of voter fraud

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The truth can be the toughest pill to swallow when it exposes realities some people don’t want to face. by JD RuckerJanuary 19, 2021 Ever since the election, I was exceedingly confident that President Trump would prevail in the end. Mountains of evidence of widespread voter fraud was available within a week after the election and only grew with every passing day. But invariably, it was ignored by mainstream media and suppressed by Big Tech. This didn’t shake my confidence because I made a false assumption. Between the state legislatures and the judicial branch, I assumed there was enough support for exposing the facts to circumvent the propaganda and false narratives. My assumption was there were honorable people intermingled among The Swamp to make sure the truth not only came to light but resulted in action. Call me a fool, but I had no idea how pervasive The Swamp really is....

From a Trump hater – wtfu

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Cerno 13 Jan, Sanctimony is in infinite supply when judging others.There’s enough *collective* blame go around.Do we really want to have *that* conversation?If we did, I think most people of conscience would just feel … sort of sad.We are heading in a direction that doesn’t end well. I can show video after video of Democrats downplaying the summer riots. Between 30 and 60 people died.Businesses destroyed.The response is the Capitol is sacred.Here’s a Senate vote being delayed by protesters. SCOTUS being stormed.But still it doesn’t get through. There was no moral justification for the frame job of Kavanaugh.A...