A Special Kind of Stupid

By on Dec 8, 2016

If this was not on tape it would be almost impossible to believe anyone could even think it let alone say it. Even the useful idiot Dickerson cannot believe what he is hearing.

You know, lets just forget the idiocy for a moment, lets forget her party just re-elected her minority leader, lets forget the ridiculous answers to these questions and the eloquent ease with which she can spout the party line and focus solely on one part of that party line which she regurgitated – a woman’s right to choose (TO KILL HER CHILD). Lets focus on that for one moment. Doesn’t that make the rest of anything she  could say meaningless? An EXTREMELY important part of an entire political party’s platform is the RIGHT of a mother to MURDER her child – I am not sure how that is even a debatable subject let alone a law but I am sure, certain beyond doubt, that ANYONE who holds to that view is a morally bankrupt and very, very sick individual. And that would include everyone that votes for that party regardless what excuse, rationalization or justification they may offer. What can you say about ANYONE who insists a woman’s most sacred RIGHT is the RIGHT to murder her child? How do you say it is not murder? It is murder so how do you justify it? I’m sorry but I believe that is behavior that can only be described as insane at best and much more accurately as pure evil. If there is greater evidence of man’s depravity I would love to hear it.

On rereading this I see I have provided two choices for the total depravity evidence. One is the advocating for the murder of children and the other is Nancy believing or simply just verbalizing what she does. Certainly the barbarity and incomprehensibility of someone advocating infanticide cannot be compared but the absurdity of the answers given is certainly further evidence of that same depravity be they believed or lies. So. perhaps the request for greater evidence was unnecessary as almost every thought, word and action by those who insist on a woman’s RIGHT to murder her child is equally depraved as her clear denial of reality in her response proves.