Where are the men (and women)?

By on Apr 30, 2018

How do people with such stupid ideas manage to get them imposed when they should be laughed out of their profession and not allowed anywhere near positions of authority? People are certainly entitled to their lunacy but there was a time when you would be too embarrassed to voice let alone promote that lunacy. And where are the grown up men and women to say to such idiocy, ENOUGH, you, sir, are an idiot. They certainly aren’t at the University of Texas or most other universities. It would seem that at most universities men are not told to “act like a man” but rather to “act like a woman”. University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a ‘Mental Health’ Issue By Toni Airaksinen April 27, 2018 chat 1436 comments The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin recently launched a new program to help male students “take...

You really have to ask, what is wrong with the people of Houston?

By on Apr 28, 2018

This woman has embarrassed herself and this country more times than I can remember though it is difficult to forget when she asked if the Mars Rover was going to go take a picture of the American Flag we left there. The video below epitomizes what is wrong with this country – people continue to elect this arrogant moron. Seriously, you want people like this deciding the laws of this country? This goes beyond ignorant and rude this goes to downright disgusting. Wake up, Houston.

Where are the Americans? Is there not one democrat with a conscience? Is there no line they won’t cross?

By on Apr 22, 2018

Frankly, this story is beyond belief. How is it possible that what is so clearly either utter stupidity by so many or, the more likely explanation, blackmail, extortion and sedition could be allowed to go on for so long when so many knew of it? Just how stupid or corrupt are these folks in DC? That’s rhetorical, the answer is obvious, the larger question is WHY IS NOTHING ever done about it? That one is not so easy especially when you know that were this incredible scandal associated with republicans you would never hear the end of it, many would be in jail and it would likely be the end of the party for years to come. So, the even bigger question remains, why don’t the republicans EVER crush the dems like they consistently seek to crush them? This is the true mystery of Washington. None the less, this story is really more than the American people should be able to swallow....

Nothing to see here.

By on Apr 20, 2018

Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions of course however, if the conclusion is that there is nothing seriously wrong here, that this is perfectly normal, that barring the lust for money and power and the all too common corruption of the DC cesspool the collecting and display of such “artwork” is not an ‘in your face’ display of the evil that controls these people, if that is the conclusion, then the conclusion is WRONG. All the betrayal of the American people aside the love of perverted “art” by this man and his “friends” should be enough warning for any decent person to stay far, far away so a valid conclusion would be that those who are involved with this man are not decent. “A Calamitous Collapse”: Former Podesta Group Employees Reveal Truth Behind Firm’s Downfall by Tyler Durden Thu, 04/19/2018 – 22:55...

Truly, a city of fools led by the biggest fooler of all.

By on Apr 17, 2018

The selfishness and self serving proclamations and proposals espoused by garcetti are only equaled by the similar solutions espoused by the like minded fools in D.C. How is it that enslavement is always the progressive solution? Homeless people don’t need tents or shelters or even permanent housing PAID for by others they need either education, a job or a hospital. Instead, garcetti proposes to make them permanent slaves of the democrat party by providing them free squalor to live in. Has nothing been learned by what the democrats did to the black population? I dare say things have been learned, the dems have learned how to make generations of loyal voters by imprisoning them in filth but keeping them alive with the stolen money of others. Garcetti heralds L.A.’s progress, touts plan for homeless shelters By Dakota Smith and Emily Alpert Reyes Apr 16, 2018 | 4:50 PM Mayor...