This is a talk by a wise and articulate Irishman on the end games of the globalists who are planning, engineer and executing multiple, concurrent, international crises. He describes human-ness quite well–and describes how globalists have little of it and how they are wringing it from people.

By on Nov 18, 2020

Cheating? Yeah. Watch it grow.

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If you are only going to watch or read one make it the first two. Seems odd that a man who is very familiar with the deep state and their tactics would post something like this from a source based in Cyprus and tied to Russia if he did not KNOW everything said by this commentator was true. I think what you have here from an innocent and patriotic man who was knowingly and intentionally  falsely accused of Russian collusion  by our very own gov’t is his letting the world know that the truth is known and not able to be hidden any longer.Would not any reasonable, HONEST, ethical, virtuous people be forced to ask why NO msm outlet in the US is not only not interested in the most Pulitizer Prize worthy, patriotic and Country serving story EVER but are, in fact, doing all they can to deny and discredit the story.This is killer.Follow this link — ...

Forget the President just listen to Leslie.

By on Oct 23, 2020

How do these people live with themselves ? How can this woman possibly act like this? She actually believes what she is saying. Doesn’t that make her an idiot? Listen to her and there will be no doubt.

If you were ever going to donate money to anything NOW is the time.

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Watch this video in its entirety, it is 11 minutes well spent, and then write a check because they are coming for you next and that is not hyperbole. What manner of sickness do we allow in this country? Forget allow, this is encouraged and celebrated by the very, very sick people running democrat cities and the democrat party. Ask yourself WHY.

How much more despicable can the media get? How do they live with themselves ?

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Biden was briefed about son’s involvement, according to Hunter Biden Burisma report: Hemingway The Burisma report released Wednesday was downplayed by media By Caleb Parke | Fox News Mollie Hemingway: Why were people paying Hunter Biden so much money? Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has “not spoken accurately about his knowledge of his son’s involvement in Burisma” or the problem it caused for the Obama administration, Fox News contributor Molly Hemingway said Wednesday night. Reacting to the mainstream media and Democrats downplaying the report by two U.S. Senate committees on Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings while his father was vice president, the Federalist senior editor said there is “truly breaking news” in the report. “While this is focused on Hunter Biden and James Biden and other...

I wonder if the right ever constructs plans like this? Somehow I doubt it as it is not necessary when you tell the truth.

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This is just another day for those whose entire life is a lie — SCOTUS Rapid Response Action Guide (c4 non-electoral actions) September 24, 2020 TABLE OF CONTENTS STORY OF THE MOMENT MESSAGING         SLOGANS SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT        TALKING POINTS PLAN YOUR ACTION         ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM         CONFIRM THE BASICS         CREATE ACTION VISUALS         MAKE A PLAN         PREPARE AND PRACTICE         PROMOTE & RECRUIT ACTION FOLLOW-UP & CALL TO ACTION         POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA...