By on Mar 31, 2020

Porn Being Taught As ‘Normal’ To Children Via At-Home Sex Ed Digital Media By Karen Ashley – March 29, 2020 ShareTweetSubscribe to Chicks On The Right! Great, because, what better advantage to take of being stuck at home, with only social media and the internet to keep occupied for a majority of the time, than to encourage children to watch some hanky-panky right before their very eyes? The school systems don’t teach children about taxes but…priorities, I guess.     What a way to encourage children to be contributing, productive members of society. Just because something has been normalized by society doesn’t mean it is necessarily good. People used to have public executions via hangings in the United States up until the 1900s as a normal method of punishment, too. According to Breitbart: Digital media platform Amaze has launched an at-home sex ed video series on...

“Ir’s true, it’s disturbing” – dem mouthpiece math, $500 million = $500 trillion

By on Mar 7, 2020

There certainly is something “true” and “disturbing” about this clip and it isn’t that these two propagandists cannot do simple math but that they have the jobs they do at all. How do people so poor at math even graduate high school? But it is not their poor math skills that appall it is how they attempt to use their poor math and the FACT that they are unable to make the most obvious of observations  – 500 million is not even a billion and every day they are broadcasting about how many billions Trump is spending or not spending. At the very same time as they are making fools of themselves they are condemning Trump for only asking for $2,5 billion to fight the virus and congress approving 8.5 billion. How stupid can you be?  You do not know what words are coming out of your mouth which means you do not think and so you prove yourself to exactly what...

Absolutely PRECIOUS

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OMG! Best Comical Take-Down of Pelosi Democrats EVER!! 'Conservative Momma' Destroys Unhinged Trump-Hating Lunatics (VIDEO) @conmomma @JackPosobiec @Cernovich @RealDonaldTrump via @gatewaypundit — Jim Hoft (@gatewaypundit) January 17,...

How in the world?

By on Jun 30, 2019

How in the world are these people allowed to walk around dressed all in black uniforms and with their faces covered and assaulting people without repercussion whereas if anything even remotely similar were to happen by the other side the people would not only be in jail but you would never stop hearing about it. Where is the word, Ku Klux Klan?  Meanwhile this not only doesn’t make the news you never even hear about it.  

Truth is not the official policy of this school.

By on Jun 18, 2019

If anyone wants to know why this country is a mess just watch this video. Is this teacher a brown shirt, an idiot or both. His comments are barely coherent. Imagine, you’re in a high school classroom and you voice a scientific fact that there are only two genders and you are kicked out of class for saying so. What in the world are they teaching in public schools? The teacher says the student is “not being inclusive”. Inclusive of what?  Inclusive of people who don’t accept what gender they are? The teacher goes on to say, “…we make no Discrimination on the grounds.”  On the grounds of what? Truth? Scientific fact? Mental illness? Good heavens, how in the world do we allow the mentally deficient among us to set the agenda? to define the terms? to discriminate against common sense, science , decency, rationality and reason. Keep Your Beliefs at...

Oh, yeah, this is normal behavior.

By on Jan 27, 2019

There is a sickness that we are insisting is not a sickness. The real question is why. A man who would prefer to be a woman rather than be with a woman has a bad date with a man (via Tinder) and goes to a 7/11 convenience store and splits a complete stranger’s (a man) head open with an axe.  You can view the video here. Be careful for it is disturbing. But remember, it is perfectly normal to not know if you are a man or a woman which is why those who fall into this category have a suicide rate of almost 50% while the suicide rate for the population at large is 1-2%. The progressive’s take on this story: I say, by all means, lets encourage this type of behavior by instructing everyone that it is just another lifestyle choice. It is perfectly normal to not know whether you are male or female. And heaven knows we have no way of telling the difference so we OBVIOUSLY CANNOT...