There is only one thing wrong with this letter,

By on Aug 26, 2017

it is not the African American community that is instigating or, for that matter, really cares about statues or flags no one pays attention to or even know exist. In fact, anyone who believes they are going to feel better by denying history should see a doctor. The letter does raise some of the real problems that only fools believe will be fixed by what our last President intentionally exacerbated and only bigger fools believe that is the goal of hired protesters. It is a real letter to the editor. Controlling history Thank goodness that Confederate flag has been removed from the South Carolina capitol. And now they are at last removing the monuments from New Orleans. It’s comforting to know that racism will finally be ended by pulling down the flag and removing the Confederate monuments. Blacks will now be free to live the American dream, free to keep their families together,...

Too bad facts don’t mean anything.

By on Aug 25, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts Explains How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, When I read Professor Thomas DiLorenzo’s article, the question that lept to mind was, “How come the South is said to have fought for slavery when the North wasn’t fighting against slavery?” Two days before Lincoln’s inauguration as the 16th President, Congress, consisting only of the Northern states, passed overwhelmingly on March 2, 1861, the Corwin Amendment that gave constitutional protection to slavery. Lincoln endorsed the amendment in his inaugural address, saying “I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.” Quite clearly, the North was not prepared to go to war in order to end slavery when on the very eve of war the US Congress and incoming president were in the process of making it unconstitutional to abolish slavery. Here we...

Too good not to share.

By on Aug 24, 2017

You don’t have to believe me but maybe your will believe your own eyes and ears. And this is cnn, just look at the incredulity on the part cammarotta. These six folks, hand picked by cnn, made her look like the conspiring fool she is. Her questions are the questions of a moron, equating charlottesville with ww2, “there is a right side and wrong side”, what a freakin moron. Be sure to watch the whole video, pay close attention to the black woman’s final comment.  

Some things I just don’t get.

By on Aug 23, 2017

And this is one of them. What level of corruption must exist for stories like this to appear. What possible explanation can there be for not only the action taken but the action not taken – why isn’t wasserman-schultz under investigation along with all the other congressman awan worked for? And that seems merely the tip of the iceberg for I assure you were these republican congressman many would have resigned already and this guy awan would be lucky to avoid the hangman’s noose.  HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE EXPLAINED? This is the stuff that really galls….UNLESS… Unless awan has already sung like a canary and a much bigger game is afoot, a very much bigger game, like the taking down of the entire deep state. When you couple this with what else has been going on for 7 months it really is the only explanation that makes sense. There are simply so many whose...

How to read the news.

By on Aug 23, 2017

Seriously, IT DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THIS. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how to read the news (much safer than listening to it). You will read these articles and think Trump is in trouble and the sky is falling in on his presidency and the dems are going to win the House and the Senate and the gop is going to impeach Trump. Allow me to disabuse you of those thoughts as they are the total opposite of what you should read here if you read between the lines and couple that with what you should know. Read this first – An absolute racist moron who sees his base and his influence and his ability to live large disappearing faster than his hair. Read this next – Not a story about eggshells but about eggheads. Flake the flake is another example of the egop running scared, very scared. And just in case you aren’t failiar with flake’s list of sins read this....