How to read the news.

By on Aug 23, 2017

Seriously, IT DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THIS. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how to read the news (much safer than listening to it). You will read these articles and think Trump is in trouble and the sky is falling in on his presidency and the dems are going to win the House and the Senate and the gop is going to impeach Trump. Allow me to disabuse you of those thoughts as they are the total opposite of what you should read here if you read between the lines and couple that with what you should know.
Read this first – An absolute racist moron who sees his base and his influence and his ability to live large disappearing faster than his hair.
Read this next – Not a story about eggshells but about eggheads. Flake the flake is another example of the egop running scared, very scared. And just in case you aren’t failiar with flake’s list of sins read this. I wonder who owns him?
Finally this one – The greatest jackass in Washington. (Here’s an explanation of the Times article). They paint the story as Trump in trouble and the only one in trouble is one of the most corrupt men in DC. Just look at this headline and scratch your head as you wonder what the Times and mcconnell are drinking.
Read em and enjoy. Best group of news stories I have seen in a long time. The Trumpster has them all on the run.