Blood on their Hands

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Real? If not, what then? Tower 7- explain it. Pentagon – explain it . Ghislain headline – explain it.

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CNN Reporter an hour after crash Jimmy Dore on World Trade Center Building 7:“If you think that building fell into its own footprint because a plane hit another building, I’ve got a vaccine that I’d like to sell you.”— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 18, 2024 The coup attempt to oust President Trump from power, this report explains, was led and directed from the highest reaches of the FBI—who maintain in their possession the surveillance footage from the 85 cameras that showed what happened at the Pentagon on the morning of 11 September 2001—surveillance footage from all 85 cameras that within minutes were confiscated by an army of FBI agents who could have only been prepositioned to confiscate them after the Pentagon was attacked, and only 6 frames of hundreds of feet of footage have ever been released—an attack said to have been caused...

Why is it that those who say “follow the science” don’t follow the science?

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This documentary is very well made. Whenever revelatory or self-evident truths about prevailing official narratives begin to make the lies collapse in on themselves, we always see the cultists-du-jour cornered like dangerous animals, ready to lash out for one last stand…Climate lockdowns could be right around the corner – perhaps the final fusing of so called “climate emergency” with “health crisis” – cementing in the minds of the masses that these are one and the same. This film is packed with useful information, historical data, and sane, brave, talking heads who have been demonised for standing firm in their outspokenness against the climate cult. Visit Creed Speech Substack for more coverage on climate alarmism:

Christ and Covenant: Federal Theology in Orthodoxy R. Scott Clark

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Since the middle of the nineteenth century scholars have questioned whether Reformed orthodoxy represented a corruption of, a reaction to, or an authentic development of the early Reformed theology of Martin Bucer (1491–1551), Heinrich Bullinger (1504–1575), and John Calvin (1509–1564).1 This approach sees a movement from a vital movement to an institutional corruption of that vitality.2 In the middle of the nineteenth century, Heinrich Heppe (1820–79) pioneered the second of these approaches portraying Reformed covenant or federal theology as a Melanchthonian reaction to Calvin’s alleged predestinarian dogmatism.3 A third approach finds two competing traditions with Reformed theology, one gracious and covenantal and the other 1 For a concise survey of the older approach to Reformed orthodoxy see Richard A. Muller, Christ and the Decree: Christology and Predestination in Reformed...

Fascinating- Take back your gov’t

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No sperm, no children.

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CAN WE PROVE THE FIRMAMENT? 🔊— Susan Goss (@ornery_owls) February 19, 2024 @itsawokenmind_fe #spacex #firmament #nasalies #flatearth #ReasonForBooking ♬ original sound – Awokenmindsets_FE

And so?

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And here is the official results of Arizona Senate audit, +255,000 early votes no record+23,000 votes cast but moved +23,000 double votes+9,000 more mail in ballots+50,000 fraudulent ballotsDominion + 🛜On J6 US Congress certified the overthrown of your government,— 🇺🇸RealRobert🇺🇸 (@Real_RobN) March 2, 2024 Michigan “found” a company who submitted 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations in one County. They never investigated whether that company dumped the same fraudulent registrations in other Counties.I say “found” because one County Clerk blew the whistle and Michigan had to…— SteveInTennessee (@stephen_deakins) March 18, 2024 Classic Takes: America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It) A Pentagon contractor in Spain leads you into the labyrinth of just how rotten our election system has become EMERALD ROBINSON Author’s Note: This...

One of the most enlightening and remarkable stories you have ever hear

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Ep. 75 The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) February 16, 2024

It Is Impossible To Come To A Peaceful Agreement When One Side Worships Death

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ByOlivier Melnick February 13, 2024 Over four months after Hamas murdered 1200 innocent Israeli civilians and took over 200 hostages inside the Gaza Strip, the current US administration is contemplating the idea of recognizing Palestine. Again, they are pushing for the “Two-State Solution” that Elliott Abrams of Tablet Magazine rightfully recently called the “Two-State Delusion.” These days, it seems that most of the world is asking for a Two-State solution, mostly with the hope that it would bring the Gaza War to an end. What are the requirements for Palestine to be recognized and for the region to be split into a Jewish state and a Palestinian state? Is that even possible? • Palestinians must be a real people group: Prior to 1948, the Palestinian narrative was not much of a narrative at all. Those calling themselves Palestinians today were calling themselves Arabs back...