If you were ever going to donate money to anything NOW is the time.

By on Sep 30, 2020

Watch this video in its entirety, it is 11 minutes well spent, and then write a check because they are coming for you next and that is not hyperbole. What manner of sickness do we allow in this country? Forget allow, this is encouraged and celebrated by the very, very sick people running democrat cities and the democrat party. Ask yourself WHY.

Real? If not, what then? Tower 7- explain it. Pentagon – explain it . Ghislain headline – explain it.

By on Jul 13, 2020

The coup attempt to oust President Trump from power, this report explains, was led and directed from the highest reaches of the FBI—who maintain in their possession the surveillance footage from the 85 cameras that showed what happened at the Pentagon on the morning of 11 September 2001—surveillance footage from all 85 cameras that within minutes were confiscated by an army of FBI agents who could have only been prepositioned to confiscate them after the Pentagon was attacked, and only 6 frames of hundreds of feet of footage have ever been released—an attack said to have been caused when an American Airlines Boeing 757-223 aircraft designated as Flight 77 was said to have been deliberately crashed into the Pentagon by Islamic terrorists—a supposed attack that was said destroyed this aircraft’s black box voice recorder, but did see its black box data recorder being recovered—an...

The DOJ is Lying about the Ashley Babbitt case

By on Apr 16, 2021

Apparently, white police doing their job against belligerent, arrest resisting, threatening black males that result in their deaths cannot be left for the law to decide but a black policeman in a non-immediate danger, retreatable position with heavily armed additional police practically escorting a 105 lb, 4’5″ unarmed, non-threatening, white female climbing through a broken window, when that unthreatened policeman shoots this female at point blank range the law is thrown out the window. I’m sorry, but I cannot help but think if the policeman was white and the victim was black there would be riots going on in Washington starting Jan. 6 and continuing to this day with a giant escalation of those riots on April 14. Clearly, in Washington DC and any other democrat city if you are black you can do pretty much whatever you like, including murder, without fear of...

Jovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud

By on Apr 11, 2021

They tried to pressure and bribe the award-winning inventor. It didn’t work. by Lorie WimbleApril 11, 2021 When Jovan Pulitzer gained fame for testifying before state legislatures about voter fraud, he was attacked heavily by mainstream media and Democrats. They tried to discredit the man in hopes that nobody would look at his astounding work in demonstrating how voter fraud was perpetrated during the 2020 election. When that didn’t work, they tried a different approach. In a recent interview with David K. Clements on The Professor’s Record, Pulitzer revealed something only his inner circle had previously heard. When bullying didn’t work at silencing him, they tried the good ol’ bribe… and what a bribe attempt it was. “So you know how bad this is, and I’m going to give you a nugget that nobody outside of my inner circle knows this,” he said. “I got offered $10 million dollars to...

Holocaust Survivor Warning Masks Are New Yellow Stars Brings Crowd To Tears

By on Apr 11, 2021

https://www.brighteon.com/eaf8253d-f09e-4503-9b8a-0ba77b579f33 Holocaust Survivor Warning Masks Are New Yellow Stars Brings Crowd To Tears

And the bastion of idiots grows

By on Apr 3, 2021

The ‘Dangerous Speech Project’: The Swamp’s Newest Censorship Project By Ben Bartee – April 01, 2021 You’ve heard of “hate speech.” Now introducing a new way to demonize free speech: the Dangerous Speech Project. Birthed from the bloated bowels of US academia is a cottage industry of speech suppression on behalf of the corporate state. It rolls out new pseudo-woke virtue-signaling campaigns whenever it gets the chance — the bread and butter of overpaid academics. Mortgages don’t pay themselves. Enter the Dangerous Speech Project, which ostensibly claims to want to make speech “safer.” It is the brainchild of Susan Benesch, faculty associate at Harvard’s “Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society” and an esteemed Ivy League “Scholar of Speech.” The project defines “dangerous speech” as “any form of expression (speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk...

This is absolutely disgusting. Notice, politicians and police NEVER miss a paycheck.

By on Mar 25, 2021

Tucker gives update on restaurant owner targeted by Michigan authorities on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Carlson: They want you to know that defiance is the real crime ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ guest arrested days after appearing on the show Tucker Carlson provides update on bistro owner arrested for resisting COVID-19 orders Tucker Carlson updated viewers Friday on the status of Michigan restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, who appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” earlier in the week to discuss how authorities were trying to have her arrested for operating her business during the coronavirus pandemic. CARLSON: Marlena Pavlos-Hackney is in jail. She was arrested very early this morning, before 6 a.m. by police, taken away in ankle shackles and wrist cuffs. One of the few people in this country who gets...

Gleichschaltung — or, 1984 is here

By on Mar 24, 2021

https://www.zerohedge.com/political/new-normal-reality-police The New Normal “Reality” Police Authored (somewhat satirically) by CJ Hopkins via The Consent Factory, So, according to Facebook and the Atlantic Council, I am now a “dangerous individual,” you know, like a “terrorist,” or a “serial murderer,” or “human trafficker,” or some other kind of “criminal.” Or I’ve been praising “dangerous individuals,” or disseminating their symbols, or otherwise attempting to “sow dissension” and cause “offline harm.” Actually, I’m not really clear what I’m guilty of, but I’m definitely some sort of horrible person you want absolutely nothing to do with, whose columns you do not want to read, whose books you do not want to purchase, and the sharing of whose Facebook posts might get your account immediately suspended. Or, at the very least, you’ll be issued this warning:...

When the military starts killing their own

By on Mar 24, 2021

[EXCLUSIVE] Read the Shocking Pentagon Training Materials Targeting Conservatives in the Military BY J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS MAR 22, 2021 11:10 AM ET  I have obtained a copy of all the materials regarding the sudden new threat of “Extremism” used for training in the United States military. Throughout the services, service members have been shocked at the Biden blitz to root out ideas and people who stand in the way of the administration’s transformative agenda. One individual in the training told me, “The military is one of the last institutions left that hasn’t been radicalized by the progressives. That’s why it is being targeted now.” All personnel are being subjected to a PowerPoint presentation packed with progressive ideology and misstatements of the Constitution. Designated officers are conducting the training on bases, stations, and ships at sea. The slides contain misstatements of...

EXCLUSIVE: NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn’t Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School

By on Mar 18, 2021

Not sure it gets any more absurd than this. By Cassandra FairbanksPublished March 16, 2021 at 4:45pm A New York City judge has removed a 6-year-old girl from her mother because she did not wear a mask while dropping her off outside of the school. In a shocking and egregious move, the court also told Dr. Epstein that in order to get short supervised visits with her child — she will have to wear a mask inside her own home. It was a normal day for Dr. Micheline Epstein, a family physician, when she went to drop her daughter off at the Birch Wathen Lenox School on the Upper East Side last week — until her entire life was turned upside down in an instant. The tearful mother explained in a phone call that her daughter was already inside the building and wearing a mask when the school nurse and school security attempted to force Dr. Epstein to wear a mask on the public street...