Not sure what else needs to be or can be said.

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I invite ANYONE to offer a RATIONAL explanation for what is nothing more than shear IDIOCY.   Authored by Blair Nelson via Campus Reform, An Illinois Gender & Women’s Studies department endorsed a call for the abolition of both ICE and the police. The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign’s (UIUC) Gender & Women’s Studies department sharedthis demand from a nine-point platform created by the National Trans Youth Council’s nine-point platform, prefacing the Facebook post with “something to believe in.” “We call for the abolition of the police, ICE, borders, and the judicial system,” the NTYC platform reads. Madeleine Hubbard, president of Turning Point USA at UIUC, called this demand “very concerning.” “Without these groups, you would not have Rule of Law. A society cannot function without the Rule of Law. Complete chaos and anarchy would break out,”...

Users of google and/or any google products are not only fools but endorsers of totalitarianism as well.

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How stupid do you have to be to refuse to assist America with technology that will prevent war and spread freedom while at the same time developing technology that ensures the enslavement of entire races and countries of people?  Can you imagine, an entire company adheres to an “ethical” policy that prevents them from increasing freedom around the world while advancing totalitarianism? What sort of “ethics” are these? Gen. Dunford Slams Google’s “Inexplicable” Deepened Ties With China As It Cuts Pentagon Projects by Tyler Durden Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during a speaking engagement Thursday that it was “inexplicable” that Google would seek out business in a country with vastly less freedoms than the United States. Dunford argued:  We are the good guys and it’s...

This may be a fun couple of years.

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Apparently, this woman’s idiocy knows no bounds. Putting aside her THREAT (which really shows her stupidity) and looking at her love of socialism we really have to wonder just what it is with these folks from NY who obviously cannot look at North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., etc., etc. and discern that communism DOES NOT WORK. Could it possibly be that these new American socialists are not so much interested in communism as they are in getting elected by appealing to the sin nature of natural man by offering that everything should be FREE? Ocasio-Cortez Threatens To Retaliate Against Trump Jr. Over Meme, Twitter Explodes With Accusations Of Ethics Violations A source close to Donald Trump Jr. says that they expect an ethics complaint will be filed. ANd if you really want to see the state of education in this country and really want to get sick know this, this girl has an...

This really has to make Russia and Saudi Arabia and the progressives very mad.

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US Geological Survey Discovers Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resources EVER in Texas-New Mexico Delaware Basin by Jim Hoft December 6, 2018 A new report on Thursday by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) discovered the largest continuous oil and gas resources EVER in the Texas and New Mexico Delaware Basin. The new report indicates the basin contains an estimated 46.3 billion barrels of oil plus 281 trillion cubic feet of gas and 20 billion barrels of NGL. Assessment units of the Wolfcamp Shale and Bone Spring Formation in the Delaware Basin of Texas and New Mexico.Credit: USGS This is terrific news for American workers and consumers… Unless, of course, Democrats ever regain control of government. Science Daily reported: Today, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced the Wolfcamp Shale and overlying Bone Spring Formation in the Delaware Basin portion of Texas and New...

A record of the idiocy that is cortez.

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New sub-category added today. I only wish I had started this record sooner. This woman is such a menace and frankly, so incredibly ignorant if not absolutely stupid that I am going to archive her comments so everyone can see how none of them have any substance, are founded on nothing, can only appeal to a non-thinking population and represent, quite frankly, a danger to the general welfare of this country. One need read no further than the headline of our first record which quotes her. The sentence has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. And when taken in view or what is going on in France right now if any meaning was to be ascribed to it that meaning would be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she is saying. In France, “global warming governance” has caused ‘economic and social’ strife and unrest leading to riots in the streets which are not only against this new...

A fascinating Graphic.

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Difficult to see what explanation other than the obvious anyone could offer for what is presented here. Larger version can be found here.

Again, say what you will, this is more than just a bit peculiar.

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Bush Sr.’s speech at Gerald Ford’s funeral where he certainly seems to smirk when mentioning JFK;s assassination.   If you care to follow this up with some interesting reading just take a look here…...

One Simple Question: WHY retweet this?

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