Fresh air? Have a seat on a park bench get arrested.

By on Sep 22, 2020

If this is the quality of leadership/government and the brain power of the police (not to mention that if this all police have to do in Australia they have way too many police. Imagine, 5 policeman for two obviously very dangerous women in their seventies posing a grave threat to the surrounding trees and grass by sitting and conversing on a bench) any person loving liberty is going to want to stay out of Australia. This entire article and accompanying videos are quite stunning and most incriminating of power mad government officials and brand dead policeman. Melbourne Police Surround & Arrest 2 Elderly Women Resting On Park Bench For ‘COVID Violation’

Woke beyond repair.

By on Sep 22, 2020

Why Are They Capitalizing ‘Black’? Dennis Prager | Posted: Sep 22, 2020 A few months ago, I noticed that my published column spelled “black” “Black.” As I had submitted the column with “black” spelled with a lower case “b,” I contacted my editor to find out why what I had written was changed. She responded that the syndicate was following the Associated Press’ rules of style, a common practice in journalism and book writing. On July 20, 2020, the AP published “Explaining AP style on Black and white,” in which it explained: “AP’s style is now to capitalize Black in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense, conveying an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa. The lowercase black is a color,...

Too bad most Catholics aren’t Christians.

By on Sep 19, 2020

Too bad they hear only what their selfish hearts want to hear. Another Catholic priest speaks the truth and Pew poll shows 77% of dem Catholics approve of infanticide. Catholic Cardinal: ‘It’s Better to Vote for a Good Protestant Than a Bad Catholic’ By Michael W. Chapman | September 18, 2020 When asked about the group “Catholics for Biden” and whether a Catholic can vote for someone who is pro-abortion and anti-family, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former doctrinal chief at the Vatican, said Catholics must have “the right understanding of life” and human rights and that it is “better to vote for a good Protestant than a bad Catholic.” On EWTN’s The World Over, host Raymond Arroyo asked Cardinal Muller, “Before I let you go, the Catholics for Biden group — a member of which is...

It would seem tax collectors haven’t changed since Jesus’s day.

By on Sep 18, 2020

Not sure which is most disgusting about this story. The fact that an office full of people would pursue a tax sale for SIX CENTS or that not one of them just paid the six cents. I will bet the workers in that office all thought it was quite funny but what it says about them is not funny at all, it is disgusting and I hope they never live down the shame. NJ woman nearly loses home because she owed 6 cents in back taxes, reports say Woman suffers from Alzheimer’s and couldn’t grasp the situation, daughter says An 89-year-old New Jersey woman with Alzheimer’s disease nearly lost her home of 50 years because she owed a grand total of six cents in back taxes, according to reports. Ocean Township officials put Glen Kristi Goldenthal’s home up for sale on Sept. 9 after the tiny debt she owed on her taxes accrued to more than $300 with interest and administrative costs, WNBC...

And So? Nothing.

By on Sep 17, 2020

Accident? My A**.

By on Sep 16, 2020

The SoS is obviously a hack but what truly amazes is either the total complicity or the almost unbelievable stupidity of the “local clerks” who downloaded the glaringly wrong ballot without NOTICING or, more likely, cheering. I cannot imagine, other than the clerks are apparently incredibly stupid, that they downloaded 400 individual ballots so there might be 400 really stupid, misanthropic clerks in Michigan but whether there are 400 or 40 it is frightening and sickening nonetheless. Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for Troops Kyle Olson16 Sep 20200 2:33 The Michigan secretary of state misprinted the Trump line on ballots intended to be mailed to troops serving overseas, the Detroit News reported. Jocelyn Benson, who has endorsed President Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, and spoke at the recent Democratic National Convention (DNC), made the...

‘Rogue’ Chinese Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes “Smoking Gun” Evidence COVID-19 Created In Lab

By on Sep 14, 2020

by Tyler Durden Mon, 09/14/2020 – 11:35 On Saturday we reported that Dr. Li-Meng Yan – a Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who fled the country, leaving her job at a prestigious Hong Kong university – appeared last week on British television where she claimed SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was created by Chinese scientists in a lab. On Sunday, Li-Meng joined Twitter – and on Monday, just hours ago, she tweeted a link to a paper she co-authored with three other Chinese scientists titled: Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route...

A Simple Question

By on Sep 12, 2020

If you donate $50 to a presidential campaign what do you hope to achieve? Answer: You hope your candidate wins because they represent, to a great extent, your beliefs. If you donate $500,000 to a presidential campaign what do you hope to achieve? Answer: There may be some small part wherein the candidate agrees with your beliefs but I submit that those that donate sums of that magnitude EXPECT something in return. That becomes painfully clear with the story below as evidenced by Saban’s comments which either prove him one of the dumbest men alive or a liar of a magnitude that can only be justified by payback. His justification is contradicted by his own words and the only statement more idiotic than then ones he makes are the one he quotes of biden. Hollywood Mogul Haim Saban to Host $500,000 Per Ticket Fundraiser for Joe Biden Ben Kew11 Sep 20200 2:33 Hollywood mogul Haim Saban...