Isn’t this murder?

By on Feb 26, 2019

If a child is born alive because an attempt to end his/her life via abortion failed and the child is then left to die isn’t that murder? Does the living breathing life form on the table not have the same rights as any other American? There is some kind of sickness gripping the democrat party that cannot be explained away by any word other than EVIL. Personally, I see no reason for a bill like this other than to point out and get on the record those who believe the murder of children is okay. Once a child is born and Kicking and screaming that PERSON has the same rights as any other in America. Even debating whether that child should live or die says all you need to know if you are even a marginally sane person. Senate Fails to Pass Born-Alive Bill By Alexandra DeSanctis   By a vote of 53-44, the Senate has failed to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,...

Even if it is not true this is just plain weird.

By on Feb 24, 2019

If it is true I wonder how many “followers” know it and if they know it what in the world does that say about this supposed “religion”? Clearly it is not a religion at all. The Black Cube in Mecca represents Saturn and they walk in circles around it to imitate it’s rings. Isis is the eldest daughter of Saturn.

Much more than willful ignorance.

By on Feb 24, 2019

The only way this happens and has happened is because it is man’s very nature. The Naked Communist: They even told us how they’d do it and we still feel for it… January 31, 2019 Romeo Hontiveros In 1963, U.S. Rep. A.S. Herlong Jr., D-Fla., read into the Congressional Record a list of “Current Communist Goals” as enumerated by Dr. Cleon Skousen in “The Naked Communist,” penned in 1958. I encourage you to read the whole list, but for now let’s focus on those goals that most closely align with the seditious agenda of America’s “progressive” movement. How far has fallen the party of the jackass: -Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights. -Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. -Get control of teachers’...

What else need be said?

By on Feb 23, 2019

If their own words don’t condemn them nothing will. What manner of reason is employed by someone who claims murdering children is actually being pro-life? These are a couple of very, very sick women. Planned Parenthood Head: ‘Being Pro-Choice Is Being…Pro-Family;’ ‘It’s Being Pro-Life’ By Craig Bannister | February 21, 2019 | 12:31 PM EST Planned Parenthood Pres. Dr. Leana Wen Supporting the abortion of the unborn is actually “being pro-life,” Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen claims. In an interview with former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton published Wednesday in Interview Magazine, Wen claimed that being pro-abortion is also “pro-family,” “pro-women” and “pro-community.” Wen made the comment in response to Clinton’s declaration that she always will always refer to the pro-life movement as “anti-choice”: CLINTON: “I refuse to refer to the anti-choice movement as...

Nothing to learn here.

By on Feb 19, 2019

There has to be more to it than skin color.

By on Feb 19, 2019

Something you will never see in an American history book.

By on Feb 10, 2019

I wonder why historical facts such as these are kept out of American history books? Even more to the point, I wonder why American history books lead you to believe that something like this was impossible? Be honest now, what level of proof is required before the Dept. of Education and the vast majority of public education facilities are condemned as nothing more than propaganda and indoctrination machines. What is it going to take before the useful idiots of this country realize that what has been done to them and is now being done even more dramatically to their children is nothing short of CHILD ABUSE? An Historic Debate View Larger Image From the time before the American War for Independence, black Americans served as elected officials in local politics. Following the Civil War, hundreds more were elected to state and federal office. For example, at the national level, in 1871,...

And here I was taught that the Pope is infallible.

By on Feb 10, 2019

This is way more than a “quasi correction”. This is a refutation, a condemnation, a good old fashioned spanking that is not being done behind the wood shed. While I most certainly do not agree with all the cardinal’s scriptural interpretation he is certainly closer to the mark than the pope and when he calls the pope the antichrist he is precisely on the money. Cardinal Müller issues Manifesto: A quasi correction of Pope Francis’ pontificate Support Cdl. Müller’s doctrinal manifesto amid Pope Francis’ confusion. Sign the petition here. February 8, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office, has released a Manifesto which reads like a correction of many of the doctrinal errors Pope Francis has taught during his tenure as Pope. The cardinal’s intention was to release the manifesto on February 10....