Children proving they are children.

By on Oct 31, 2017

Grown up children who may never grow up. Amazingly, pretening to be “so mature” and intellectual these children prove they still are children.  Unable to recognize that by believing no one should be offended they enable larger and larger groups to be OFFENDED. This is not a complicated thought process but is certainly is a thought process that should come as one matures and for these children to believe they are smart, attending one of the most “elite” academic higher education institutions in the country, is not only disheartening but disgusting and they all should be ashamed of themselves an so should their parents. How would you like to be the parent of the CHILD who said this: The “petitioner” says, ” Freedom of expression is important but protecting people’s FEELINGS is more important.” and your “brilliant” child...

How were these men raised?

By on Oct 26, 2017

That really is the question isn’t it? It’s a club of reprobates with bill clinton as the lead example but the bottom line is how were they raised? I mean, when finally accused what type of response id this? “During this period, I did pursue relationships with women that I worked with, including some junior to me,” Halperin said in a statement to CNN Wednesday night. “I now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. MY BEHAVIOR WAS INAPPROPRIATE? He now understands? Did he think it appropriate before to grab women’s breasts and press his erect penis up against them? What self-respecting, properly raised, morally infused man thinks like that? Only those who choose to live in darkness. And speaking of those who live in darkness, for surely they worship money more than their avowed equality, what of those...

Idiocy or outright lying – mandatory qualifications for a reporter, even a sports reporter.

By on Oct 26, 2017

You may read the brief report here but I will just pull out this one quote: Viewership numbers are lagging for a variety of reasons, not least the ongoing protests during the national anthem that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began in 2016. Fans are still angry about Kaepernick’s continued unemployment as well as what’s seen as the growing politicization of the NFL. Fans are angry about “Kaepernick’s continued unemployment“? Huh? If the NFL thinks they have troubles now just let Kaepernick become un-unemployed and then you will see fan flight that will make the 18.7% drop since he first took a knee look like some fans just lost their tickets. There is a certain irony here that merits mention. This type of “reporting” is at least a minor contributing factor to the demise of the NFL. Whether through ignorance, incompetence, blindness or simply...

Most idiotic article title yet.

By on Oct 24, 2017

The article copied below is entitled, The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity, and presents an ignorance of human nature that brands the fields of psychology, public education and governmental policy makers as the preposterous, justifying excuse makers and band aids they are. How foolish to think you can change human nature. Feminizing men does nothing except endanger other men as well as women. Men behave like asses because men have always behaved like asses. If a boy is raised in a home where the father loves the mother he will treat women with respect if he is not raised in a home with a loving father and respectful mother or nor father at all he will likely grow up a selfish pig for that is the base nature of man without the stern hand and good example of his father. How idiotic to believe you can change the behavior of grown men by making them more like women. To be...

Just how uneducated are these “college” students?

By on Oct 22, 2017

When you consider this first story is it hardly a wonder this second story is occurring. Frankly, both these stories should cause liberals/democrats to be embarrassed as hell but I am quite sure they are quite happy with their success instead. In a word – it is disgusting.