And so?

By on Mar 2, 2024

And here is the official results of Arizona Senate audit, +255,000 early votes no record+23,000 votes cast but moved +23,000 double votes+9,000 more mail in ballots+50,000 fraudulent ballotsDominion + 🛜On J6 US Congress certified the overthrown of your government,— 🇺🇸RealRobert🇺🇸 (@Real_RobN) March 2, 2024 Michigan “found” a company who submitted 10,000 fraudulent voter registrations in one County. They never investigated whether that company dumped the same fraudulent registrations in other Counties.I say “found” because one County Clerk blew the whistle and Michigan had to…— SteveInTennessee (@stephen_deakins) March 18, 2024 Classic Takes: America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It) A Pentagon contractor in Spain leads you into the labyrinth of just how rotten our election system has become EMERALD ROBINSON Author’s Note: This...

Arizona GOP Chair Caught Trying to BRIBE Kari Lake to Not Run for Senate

By on Jan 25, 2024