Liz Harrington: 20,000 unsubstantiated ballots in GA’s 2020 original results from tabulators that do not exist…

By on Jun 18, 2024

 (18 hours ago)

Atlanta is now rivaling Chicago in the crooked politicians and election-cheating game. What unfolded in the Peach State during the 2020 election was downright shameful. If we were a serious country, genuinely concerned about our Republic, it would have been rigorously investigated by bipartisan officials from top to bottom. Of course, that never happened. Instead, we were told to shut up, stop being “election deniers,” and cease spreading “conspiracy theories,” even though the election resembled a third-world circus. We hate to say “we told you so,” especially because it shows how far the US has fallen, but this latest data basically confirms the “cheat” was on. And boy, were they crafty—using those mail-in ballots like torpedoes, blowing holes in our election integrity from every conceivable angle. This recent report, highlighting tens of thousands of unsubstantiated ballots, has understandably left many Americans anxious, prompting them to question what has changed since 2020 to prevent another “2020 sham” in the upcoming 2024 election.

Liz Harrington:

There are over 20K unsubstantiated ballots in GA’s 2020 original results from tabulators that “do not exist” according to the Rossi/ @KevinMoncla complaint.

Fulton County provided “proof” they exist.

Except their proof showed they used serial numbers for DIFFERENT machines.

There’s a word for this… Oh yes, fraud.

They claimed there was an ICP3 at the East Point Library during early voting.

Only problem: there were only two scanners there, according to Fulton County’s own checklist.

They did the same thing for a tabulator they claimed was at the South Fulton Service Center polling location. They said there was a third tabulator, when there were only two.

Same thing for Wolf Creek Library.

They invented a fourth tabulator using the serial number of the third tabulator.

No wonder the Secretary of State’s office didn’t release their investigation’s findings to the public. It’s all bogus.

Fulton County’s proof that the 10 missing tabulators existed actually proves they didn’t, and that the results for early voting were tampered with.

Heck of a job, guys.

Sadly, none of this is surprising to those of us who were paying even the slightest bit of attention to the so-called “vote count.” It looked like something straight out of Iran or North Korea, for crying out loud. Remember the #SuitcaseFromHell and that bogus water main break?

Back in 2021, Alex Shepherd posted this on Twitter:

Many control sheets for absentee ballot batches counted during the state’s audit did not check a box indicating the ballot came from a secure container, raising the possibility that ballots were stored insecurely or that multiple batches of ballots were sealed in one container

Check out what a second Georgia state official said: “An audit is only as good as the data that’s input, and in this case Fulton County’s records are so problematic I’m not sure a reasonable person can trust them,” There’s more

The same Georgia official said this: “When you add in the reports of ballots magically appearing under tables or being moved out of the counting center, there are legitimate outstanding questions.”

And while the events of 2020 were horrific and transformed our sacred elections into a banana republic free-for-all, there’s still a slew of shenanigans being uncovered in Michigan—a known hotbed for suspected cheating back in 2020.

Many Americans rightly see the 2020 election as an epic breach of trust, perhaps the darkest electoral crime in our nation’s history. We cannot begin to heal until every person involved faces justice. After all, the manipulation involving serial numbers from different machines to hide unverified ballots is downright traitorous. Americans deserve nothing less than total accountability and absolute transparency to restore faith in our shattered electoral process. Without the full truth, our nation’s future hangs in the balance. We won’t survive this in the long run.