What is Sessions waiting for?

By on Mar 8, 2018

Trump and Sessions have to know more than the public knows about what went on with Russiagate and Servergate and Uraniumgate. They have to know how guilty all involved, right up to and including the previous President are so, what are they waiting for? Is the Donald really playing a huge game of rope-a-dope? Is it just that there are so many dopes that in order to make sure he gets them all it simply takes a long time? He allowed the special counsel because he knows he is not guilty but did he also allow it to distract from what is going on elsewhere? Is that why Sessions is always talking about immigration, to distract because they know how easily that topic angers dems? Are the democrats really so stupid as to believe what they read/hear on the news? For example, do they really believe Cohn’s leaving was his own doing and that he left because of the tariff talk? Ridiculous. He...

Follow this story or not this really is a good question.

By on Mar 5, 2018

This really is not a political story but merely a story about the murder of a man who was involved in politics. It should concern everyone that a man can be murdered and an investigation is not completed almost two years later and what is even worse is what the police have offered as an explanation makes no sense to anyone with even a modicum of common sense. Be that is it may there is one very good question that simply cannot be ignored —- Given that a) the Russian hacking narrative hinges on Crowdstrikes’s questionable reporting, and b) a mountain of evidence pointing to Seth Rich as the source of the leaked emails – it stands to reason that Congressional investigators and Special Counsel Robert Mueller should at minimum explore these leads. As retired U.S. Navy admiral James A. Lyons, Jr. asks: why aren’t they? Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue To...

Another fool balkanizing America

By on Mar 2, 2018

If you read my last post you know I believe this is nothing more than democrats doing what they always do, dividing America inot smaller and smaller groups. What I didn;t say in that post was the reason why they do this and it is simple, the smaller the group the easier to go to them and tell them what tehy want to hear. In this we have the story of a likely innocent dupe, a fool who believes he is doing something good, being used like the students in FLorida by powers that he does not understand. All of it made worse by the much too rich men and women who own NBA teams. Choosing to follow the NFL to their certain demise one cannot help but wonder if something much greater than they are running the show. Why else would even very rich men choose to destroy their wealth? It really is a fascinating question. Not that any of these owners will really be effected but my goodness, to destroy...

I invite anyone to explain this.

By on Feb 24, 2018

Please, I am begging you, EXPLAIN this. The first rule of seeing Barack Obama in Boston is don’t talk about seeing Barack Obama in Boston John Tlumacki By Steve Annear Globe Staff  February 23, 2018 Thanks, Obama. The former president was scheduled to appear at a sports analytics conference hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Friday. But if you were not an attendee at the event, don’t expect to hear much about what Barack Obama shared. Officials managing the 12th annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center have put strict rules in place that extend beyond barring the media from divulging Obama’s insights. An e-mail sent to those heading to the venue for the “conversation with Obama” read like a line from the movie “Fight Club”: The first rule of seeing the former commander-in-chief is don’t talk about seeing the former...

Yikes. Are these your children?

By on Feb 23, 2018

If they are, look no further for what is wrong with America as you, the parent, are responsible. Two questions come to mind: Where did they go to elementary school? and, What type of parents do they have? Texas Tech’s new student political organization PoliTech goes to campus to see how much our students know about their nation’s politics! You might be surprised.

Well worth the read because whether the author realizes it or not he is talking about the Sovereign Lord.

By on Feb 21, 2018

Authored by Tom Luongo, With all the column inches spilled over Robert Mueller’s thirteen indictments issued on Friday very few of them have touched on the real revelation. It’s not the obvious case of prosecutorial over-reach. It isn’t the further subversion of the grand jury process by Federal Prosecutors unmoored from personal bias. It isn’t the admission that no one on the Trump team knowingly colluded with Russian agents to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. It isn’t even that Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe doctored interview documents to secure a guilty plea from General Michael Flynn. It’s not obvious collusion between his investigation and the media to hang a duly-elected President in the court of public opinion. No. The real revelation with Mueller’s indictments is that they represent the depths of how far our system has fallen from the ideals and principles it was...