Everyone has seen

By on Dec 24, 2016

the red and blue county map of the election but here is something a bit different. Do we really want to be governed by people who CHOOSE to live on top of one another? People who CHOOSE to drive themselves crazy 5 days a week with incredible traffic both going and coming from work? People who CHOOSE to add one, two, three hours to their workday with a train, bus or car ride? Is it any wonder these folks are raising Snowflakes? The guilt of not seeing your kids, not spending time with your children, NOT RAISING your offspring has to be overwhelming. Are the self-loathing justifiers of, let the government raise my kids, people who are so willing to relinquish the privilege of raising what they all would proclaim is their most prized possession, are those really the people we want choosing who will govern us? Look at the people they elect to govern them in their state and then look at the condition of the states, it really speaks for itself. Just something to think about.


Clinton Archipelago