What is it going to take?

By on Feb 1, 2017

At what point does enough become enough? When are the willfully blind going to stop willing themselves blind? For these players in the video though, it is not blindness, it is quite intentional and what can the intent be but deception for the sole purpose of affirming the willfully blind or confirming and encouraging those who are as corrupt and as self-serving as the two in the video. Just listen to the two of them – what you hear is the sound of evil.

And for heaven’s sake, I am begging you people of color, listen and think. If there were ever an “uncle tom” this puppet Andre Carson is him. He stands there as the very definition of Uncle Tom, humiliatingly subservient to his mistress, Nancy, who is whiter than white and one of the chief plantation creators and enforcers. A hundred and fifty years ago Nancy would have been telling Andre to pick cotton, what she is telling him to do now is no different.

You should not be angry at the President for trying to protect you and all Americans you should be angry at these two who are trying to manipulate you for their own gain. They could care less about you, your children or those who are being banned for a few months.

Nancy Pelosi Caught Coaching Congressman On Hot Mic: “Tell ‘Em You’re A Muslim”

When Nancy Pelosi isn’t making millions in exchange for ambassadorships or trying to dismantle the 2nd amendment from the safety of her ivory tower, the Congresswoman from California enjoys parading minorities around to shill for various causes.

In response to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Pelosi trotskied out Indiana Congressman Andre Carson to give an impassioned speech about diversity. After she introduced Carson as a “Muslim member of congress,”  ol ‘Nancy wanted to make extra sure that his religious credentials were prominently displayed – which Carson promptly parroted. Oh, and he used to be a police officer!

On that whole Police Officer thing – as radio host and regular Fox News commentator Kevin Jackson discovered:

Andre Carson (D-IN)…fuels the perception that he is a former cop from a tough Indianapolis neighborhood. As it turns out, Carson was raised by his politician grandmother.  As a “cop,” Carson enforced sales tax collection from local retailers, or what is known as an “excise officer.” Not exactly patrolling the “mean streets” of Indiana. -theBlackSphere

What a tool…