Self identifiers need to be fired

By on Feb 20, 2017

Those teachers who are willing to self-identify as idiots need to be fired. It is fine to disagree with policy but if you do not at least have the brains to keep your mouth shut you have self-identified and need to go as you clearly are not WISE enough to teach our children. The example I am about to cite is even more egregious for not only has this teacher identified himself as unwise he has manifested that lack of wisdom with a statement that it is so stupid I would not want my children anywhere near him. Commenting on the new Iowa collective bargaining rights for unions he said the following, “Now, I don’t even see how Iowa is going to attract good teachers. That’s my biggest worry.” His BIGGEST worry? Seriously? Collective bargaining is his biggest worry? Anyone that believes collective bargaining is what attracts GOOD teachers does not know what good teachers are and if you don’t know that you can hardly be one yourself. Time to show Mr. Orivis the door.

I quote the quote in context so there can be no accusation of out of context and if you think the writing is a bit contrived you are correct as the piece was clearly written by a partisan hack. The relevant portion is below.

“In an all-night session last week, Iowa lawmakers approved a bill similar to one enacted in Wisconsin six years ago that strips most public sector unions of long-held collective bargaining rights, including health insurance.

Jeff Orvis, a veteran northern Iowa high school teacher, said he sees the measure leaving permanent damage to Iowa’s century-old reputation for quality schools, enshrined on the state’s 2004 commemorative quarter: “Foundation in education.”

“Now, I don’t even see how Iowa is going to attract good teachers,” said Jeff Orvis, a union representative from northern Iowa. “That’s my biggest worry.”