This is not mental illness or just plain evil?

By on Mar 15, 2017

This is really, really sick. We should not let this woman anywhere near a pen and paper.

Los Angeles Times writer Cathleen Decker has become a laughing stock online following a rant in which she warns that GOPcare will result in many births.

Decker – a very outspoken liberal – began tweeting her words of warning on Twitter a couple hours ago. Here’s the second-to-last tweet from the rant.

In that tweet, Decker appears to be referencing the GOP’s proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood for one year.

Advocates for Planned Parenthood have warned that such a move would reduce access to “services that help women avert pregnancies,” despite Planned Parenthood’s repeated insistence that tax dollars do not fund abortions.

Very quickly, Twitter users lashed out at Cathleen Decker for implying that “thousands of births” is a horrific scenario.