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By on May 28, 2017

OANN Releases Report On Seth Rich Murder, Raises Questions About Chinese Corruption

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Via Disobedient Media

The San Diego based One American News Network has released a new report highlighting key elements of the mystery surrounding the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. OANN cites a number of inconsistencies and lingering questions in the case, while also noting that Rich’s murder occurred in close proximity to the similarly strange death of UN official John Ashe. Ashe was found dead just days before he was set to testify against Clinton in relation to matters pertaining to a corruption case where Chinese billionaire Charlie Trie helped launder $1.2 million dollars as part of Chinese government efforts to influence Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential election. Ashe’s death was originally reported as a heart attack, but the story changed after it emerged that the cause was in fact a crushed windpipe in what was labeled a “workout accident.” The full report can be viewed here:

On May 25th, one day before OANN’s report, a representative of the media company made a post on the online messageboard 4chan appealing for help locating information regarding the doctor who treated Seth Rich for gunshot injuries he sustained during the incident. Within minutes of the post, OANN’s website was taken offline in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.

Screenshot taken on 5/26/2017 showing that OANN’s website was taken offline

The findings of the report offer fresh insights what is appearing to be a story of complex political corruption and Democratic National Committee (DNC) attempts to downplay the scandal. Disobedient Media has previously reported on the extensive ties that key players in the Seth Rich case have to the DNC, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Rose Law Firm, the law firm which was at the center of the 1990’s Whitewater Controversy.

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~~~(((- The Pirate Roster Confusion Grows And The Freebooters Have To Start Picking A Gang -)))~~~

** From the Desk Of Doom And intrigue – Which Pirate Gang Is In Control Of The Comms Shack and Ship’s Crew Roster? **

It looks like George and Jason are working straight through the weekend. ……….. No rest for the spooky.

The Pirates whose positions are threatened are feverishly moving their booty. … Carting it off as fast as they can to safer locations and caches.

One interesting twist to modern Pirate warfare is the fact that a booty hoard can be cloned and stashed multiple locations. .. It’s not ‘X’ marks the spot anymore, it’s XYZ/login=** ********/BOOTY/WEINER/INSURANCEPOLICY/Gold Trophy Collection/ that marks the spot(s) these days.

I’ll bet pirates of old wish that they could have cloned their gold doubloons and jewels and hung them around their neck in a little leather pouch full of a dozen thumb drives or, better yet, sent them FedEx to a safer location ahead. ….. That damn heavy treasure chest was a real problem for the hearty mean Pirates in the old days.

Well, our wimpy modern Pirates don’t have that problem. … They can move their booty at the speed of light clean across the country.

Day 217.01 =
(The P-Database and NGPVAN… Important new revelations)

Day 217.02 =

Day 217.03 =

Day 217.00 =

The Pirates raid each other’s booty stashs all of the time. …. Maybe they need use Apple iPunk gear or a Limericks Extra Strength OS or something more secure than Bill Hates (security) M$ networks to store their booty and dead baby goats p0rN.

Live Hard, The Pirate Battle Spreads Out Into Other Ports And Anchorages, Booty Spilling Out On The Decks Everywhere, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

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keep these coming, Dune.

Youtibe the past few days doesn’t show the most recent Webb posts (from either my crackberry or the wife’s imac) but when i click on your links, they pop up.

Keep this story front and center.

Somebody must have downloaded the OANN episodes on seth rich, which would be great to have available here as links.

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Too bad the Drumpf isn’t smart enough or focused enough to settle down and wrap his head around investigating and prosecuting these bastards. No, the deep state gets these imbeciles in office and first thing they do s surround them daily with “intelligence” reports on imminent terror threats as a daily distraction from the real world. The swamp will never be drained, at least by the orange guy.

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According to George Webb…USSANS are not allowed to know in which hospital Seth Rich was murdered after being shot twice on the streets of Washing town. What kind of dystopian nightmare is the USSA when murder is covered up and lies, threats and media blackouts are the order of the day? This can’t continue the way it is and it won’t no more than Yeltsin’s perverted, crumbling nightmare continued.


Onward to the summer of rage and the much overdue civil war

  George Webb the only man prepared to dive the swamp.

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Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz, is not investigating Seth Rich.  Instead he is resigning his seat.  You don’t suppose he received death threats?

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I understand that One America News Network, now on Direct TV, had a special concerning the murder of Seth Rich. Having missed it, I just went to the OANN website to see when the special might be broadcast again. But anything concerning Seth Rich was replaced with a ‘404 Error Message – page not available.’ Is this part of the hack of the OANN website, or has One America News scuttled the story on their own?

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(((ATT))) owns DirecTV, TPTB stopped it.

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A hack is possible because the special was aired both yesterday and this afternoon.

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So this is actually a THREE PART REPORT.  The links some have salvaged here are only two of the parts.

The one I saw last night involved the details on the attending physician, the first cop on the scene and his connections to Podesta and the DNC, and several other very serious bits.

I wonder…………if the world will ever see it.

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Stay Focused..this is a deflection..that would be in the 650k emails..Seth Rich and Awans laps are what we need.. Steady as she goes people

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Federal Prosecutor Investigating Fraud Found Dead in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s District…

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Hmmm – but the only link to Lil Debbie is that it’s a crime-ridden hellhole like any other Dem district. The fraud being investigated was visa and passport fraud.
So, unless said attorney was investigating the visa of Debbie’s Pakistani IT boys, I don’t seen much going on here.

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“So, unless said attorney was investigating the visa of Debbie’s Pakistani IT boys,”

Well if he wasn’t, he should have been… kinda sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn’t it?

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George and his metadata may very well point to the Awans, at least tangentially, involved with the H1B (i think that’s the invest $1 mil to get citizenship) program, and thus will be linked to this guy’s murder.


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Seth Rich, say hello to Vince Foster.

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WTF is that? O One America, a site run by?

No similarity between crushed windpipe and shots in back.(sorry)

DDOS attack on ask Don Gip at level 3 (wikileaks)

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Is Guccifer 2.0 = Dutchman (Romanian?) – Jevgeni Bogatsjov?

Is this the IC (CIA in all likelihood) getting greedy and sloppy or is this some dis-information psy-op of some sort.

The full court press is on against Trump and the Satanist (Deep Staters) want him impeached really bad.

This guy will be GLAD to tell a US courtroom he works for Russian Intelligence once McCabe and the boys at the FBI get done with him.

Hey, I’d swear I was Carlos Santana’s long lost brother Jesus Santana if it would keep me from doing life in a Federal prison with Anthony Weiner as a cellmate.

Beware of deals struck with Satanist Federal Prosecutors who want something in return for not turning you into Chelsea Manning waiting for an operation and rooming with an anteater.

Live Hard, Of Course They Would Want Me To Prove I Was Jesus By Playing A Few Heavenly Riffs And That’s When I’d Have To Call Bro Carlos To Show Me Some Good Licks, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

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Webb showed the email address and case number for anyone to make a formal request for Seth Rich’s autopsy report yesterday.



formal request for Seth Rich autopsy.

CCN #16113797


Want to make Cankles and Pedosta sweat a little more?

Be one of the 10,000 citizen emails asking for that autopsy report.


Call the FBI and the DoJ and NSA and ask them to produce the DC police officer webcam footage that the police say they “lost”. There’s no such thing any more as “lost” digital data. The NSA has it ALL.

Reading up and watching Webb’s videos is a good start, but ACTING on the information is what will blow this fucker wide open.

They can’t kill all of the witnesses. This isn’t 1964. With enough focused pressure, somebody is going to start squealing, hoping to avoid the guillotine, and as soon as the squealing starts, we’re gonna see a shitshow the likes of which we’ve never seen.

What would Cankles reveal to save her ass? Think about that…

bardot63's picture

She’s already said she wants to be buried (with newspaper endorsements.)  She’s looking ahead.

azusgm's picture

Those webcam videos might have gone to an Amazon cloud server. Amazon apparently has the cloud contract for the local jurisdictions in the SE United States.

Why do we keep bumping into Jeff Bezos?

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do you have any verifying links for that? if we can verify that, it would be good to forward to George Webb and Crowdsourcethe truth.

i’m here in seattle, so i could go bang on the doors of Amazon HQ.

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Members of Congress Question Hack of DNC Server


Hopefully this won’t be another 404 error

azusgm's picture

Oh good grief! From the article at your link:

“…DNC staffer Seth Rich was fatally killed while walking to his Washington, DC home.”

I can see my 7th grade English teacher’s red pen aiming for “fatally killed”.

Flybyknight's picture

The author pretty much fatally kills the english language throughout that piece.

disagreeableness's picture

Google oan Seth Rich and the first result you get takes you here:

worbsid's picture

404  Error and that figures too.

RightLineBacker's picture

Good work Jeeves. You have earned a raise for this.

Also looks like Google is up to its old tricks again – protecting the Deep State and Obama/DNC criminals.

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Very good report–thanks

Reaper's picture

Is there hope that the brain dead can have a resurrection of thinking?

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They always accuse their opposition of their own crimes.

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via: Disobedientmedia…   mmm k



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Next we’ll see some poor black drug addict framed and being taken into custody for the murder.

Pretty creepy to see the proof the Feds really do monitor this stuff and have means at their disposal for a DDOS.


chubbar's picture

I’d just like to meet one of those fucking cunts doing to the IT work for those assholes. What kind of a little fucking twat does that kind of work knowing he is helping these fuckers cover up major treasonous crimes and increasing the likelyhood of our constitutional demise?

RovingGrokster's picture

Sorry – the IT team fled to Pakistan with enough data to keep on blackmailing Dem members of Congress.

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I am not 100% sure it is the feds.  Buying a botnet is retarded easy and very cheap.  The DNC could have “IT Staffers” on payroll to look around and if they find anything that would cause a problem, could easily just pay for a botnet to DDOS a site for a few days and not sweat the few hundred dollars they would have to pay.


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Like they did with in the case of the Mary Meyer murder, less than a year after Kennedy.  see; “Mary’s Mosaic” for some up close and personal insight into the world of the power elite at the birth of the shadow government.  The Devil’s Chessboard is also excellent for the broader picture.

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Yup, along with a full confession directly followed by death in prison.

logicalman's picture

Might not make it as far as prison.

You might be some Chechen dude being interviewed by cops & FBI about an event in Boston.


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Well put, Dune. Time for serious disinfectant.

Maybe Snowball should be stuffed after death and put atop the White House mantel, next to the Constitution, as a reminder and warning to anyone who might be tempted to trespass upon the sweet people of this nation in the future.

DuneCreature's picture

I hear you.

I think Snowball will clean up just fine with a sink bath and a blow dry.

It’s cleaning the dirty fur up around and in the halls on Capital Hill that is going to be a bitch to deal with. … That shit is caked into the fur pretty thick. .. Serious trimming is in order.

I like the idea of mounting a few Evil Pirate heads as a warning however. … They did that a lot in history. Usually right at the harbor entrance.

Live Hard, They Would Leave Them To Rot And Let The Gulls Peck The Pirate Eyes Out, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

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We could crowdsource funds for a Museum of Liberty to house the stuffed bodies and preserved heads of the deep staters. Place the museum right next to the UN.

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~~~~ Making A Federal Issue ™ Out Of Pirate Operations ~~~~

Good morning, from Relay Station – Alpha Beta Zebra

Below I will start with George Webb and Jason Goodman’s last transmission for May, 26 2017 or Day 215.20 (a new record for George, BTW)

Day 215.20 =

Then we move on into the weekend.

Yes, the spooks work on the weekends too. …. It’s all overtime in the spy and spook world.

So, what’s on deck for our brave researcher dudes?

It looks like George is trying to figure out how a rinky-dink foreign intelligence service slips moles, eavesdroppers and infiltrators into the top halls, offices and restrooms of the most powerful, well funded super power nation in the world. … One with the VERY BEST security money can buy and thousands and thousands of security guards, security analysis, security experts and seventeen different spy catcher agencies spread out around the center of power, Capital Hill.

How do you slip spy moles like that in?

Easy, you hire them to work there and pay them three times what other Capital Hill support staffers get paid so they stick out like a giant turd stuck to ass of Snowball the snow white Persian cat stretched out in the living room window where even the neighbors can see Snowball’s lack of personal hygiene skills.

No wonder the paperboy was giggling when he showed up to collect this morning.

Remember the Russians are watching this shit show too. .. No wonder they aren’t too worried about the FBI. .. The FBI can’t seem to spot the Awan Brothers Spying LLC ™ even though Snowball, giant turd and all, likes to sit in Andy’s lap at the breakfast table. ….

What IS that smell, Andy?

So, we are looking into DAI this morning over coffee.

Who or what is DAI?

Let’s watch and find out…..

Day 216.01 =

Day 216.02 =

Day 216.03 =

Day 216.04 =

Day 216.05 =

Day 216.00 =

When they aren’t running for their lives, spooks spend a lot of time plotting and scheming over fresh brewed coffee.

One thing I will say this about George, he isn’t afraid to call the Evil Pirates out on deck. … He sure isn’t afraid to speculate. .. AND, very importantly, he has never had ‘National Security Clearance’ and never signed the ‘no tell paperwork’. That is about the only way you can ever talk about the Evil Pirates and not end up in prison.

I never sign any kind of a non-disclosure agreements… It always boxes you into a corner even in the world of civilian contracting. …. When you talk about the Deep State in certain company you can actually see the smoke wafting around the room as the Evil Pirate’s ears burn and their venom glands begin to secrete poison. They are always looking for a heat signature to strike at. … Careful, George. .. The peon (or peed on if they go to the official Satanic rituals) little pirates are terrified of the head pirates sooooo bad they need to be heavily medicated to sleep at night.

Terror and torture is the way they maintain control and the Evil Pirates will nail one of their own to the foremast just for sport and to maintain the low boiling pot of Intimidation Stew’ ™ fed to the crew…..

The Evil Pirates now laugh and tell their own crew they will, “Make them Rich”, if they even look like they are going to talk to anyone.

Tomorrow, I will talk a little about Compartmentalization.

Today’s Bonus Link – George and Jason Goodman talking about how George got himself into this pickle to begin with (An old interview that has much better cleaned up audio than the original)


Live Hard, We Really Need To Disinfect Snowball’s Fluffy Ass And Maybe Do A Little Fur Trimming In And Around The Halls Of Congress, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

PS – Please reply to this as you might with a ‘new comment’ instead of hitting the ‘reply’ button on this post. .. Include the word ‘Dune’ in your comment and I’ll find it.

It lets me update this post throughout the day and keep a coherent narrative going here. … Thanks a bunch.

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Sorting though the latest intel with the GeoJas team.

More coffee. .. Coffee is very important anal lies zing intel.

** From the Desk Of Doom And intrigue – Day 216 Updates GW Report **

Is Guccifer 2.0 = Dutchman (Romanian?) – Jevgeni Bogatsjov?

Is this the IC (CIA in all likelihood) getting greedy and sloppy or is this some dis-information psy-op of some sort.

The full court press is on against Trump and the Satanist (Deep Staters) want him impeached really bad.

This guy will be GLAD to tell a US courtroom he works for Russian Intelligence once McCabe and the boys at the FBI get done with him.

Hey, I’d swear I was Carlos Santana’s long lost brother Jesus Santana if it would keep me from doing life in a Federal prison with Anthony Weiner as a cellmate.

Music Break =

Beware of deals struck with Satanist Federal Prosecutors who want something in return for not turning you into Chelsea Manning waiting for an operation and rooming with an anteater.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ George Webb Videos Continued ~~~~~~~~~~

Day 216.06 =

Day 216.07 =

Day 216.08 =

Day 216.09 =

Day 216.10 =
(VA Hospitals and Roach Motels – There is a connection?)
Day 216.11 =
(Switching working theories on drug rat lines out of Pakistan)

Day 216.12 =

Day 216.00 =

Live Hard, This Is Really Just One Big Satanic Incestuous Nest Of Evil Pirates In This Cargo Hole Over Here. And Look! There’s The Pirate Queen Killary, Being Tended To By Her Drones, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

blindfaith's picture



hey DC…the Awan Brothers employ the Democrats not the other way around.

Pakistan, one of our closest ‘allies’ and well paid with your tax dollars to be ‘our friend’.

DuneCreature's picture

By “our friend” and “your tax dollars” are you trying to say you are Pakistani?

Do you know where you’re from?

Or is your writing as loose and lame as your reading comprehension.

Live Hard, If You Are Just Learning English I Understand The Confusion. If You Are American Born And Just Graduated College I Understand Too, Unfortunately, Die Free

~ DC v6.0

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His name was Seth Rich…