I don’t agree with the conclusion

By on Jun 3, 2017

but some of the stats and observations tell a frightening tale. However, the author, like those he writes about, worship at the altar of money and so see the world as doing the same and that is where and why his conclusions are incorrect. The lens through which he views the world is corrupt. Still a very interesting piece with very interesting links from the Daily Beast. I have quoted an example below. If you click the link scroll down.

The Great Betrayal of Middle America


“It is not too much of an exaggeration that the media is now a fundamental part of progressive clerisy. According to the Center for Public Integrity, 96 percent of all media outlet donations went to Hillary Clinton last year. This process has been accelerated by the shift of media to an ever smaller, and ever more blue series of cities. More than half of all journalism jobs are now in cities which Clinton won by over 30 points; in 2008 they had less than a third.

This may explain why celebrating and even being participants in the “deep state resistance”—which would seem to be contrary to traditional liberal views about popular sovereignty—has become a critical part of the media messaging. Yet, particularly after Trump, the clerisy no longer feels it needs to contain its contempt for the population. One does not have to be a Trump supporter to see the long-term dangers to democratic governance from over-empowered civil servants openly contemptuous of voters and the people they vote for.”