It truly is difficult to believe ANYONE is this stupid

By on Jun 10, 2017

Living to murder your child is bad enough but to also support the mutilation of your own genitalia is really quite something. I am really sorry but no sane human being can say a woman who supports the mutilation of her genitals and her own rape is sane.

At the counter protest against the racist March Against Sharia!

Similarly in NYC there was this report: Separated by police barricades and a few dozen police, a few hundred mostly young people, including labor activists and Jewish and Muslim activists, and anarchists, blasted airhorns and whistles. — These are the counter protesters, JEWISH activists? How stupid are these people, REALLY? Is it not bad enough that the vast majority of ethnic Jews vote for the party that would gladly eliminate Israel? Now they support those who swear from birth to kill all Jews? That is also not sane because no one is that stupid.