Much sadder than the story is the story telling.

By on Jun 23, 2017

And the story teller is sadder than the stories characters by far. One can feel pity for the family in the story but one can only feel remorse and disdain for the story teller. The family may have been somewhat trapped by a history of bad decisions and democrat forced bondage but the story teller is in much worse shape. The author is trapped in the far worse democrat bondage of higher education preventing analytical thought. The author not only cannot see the forest for the trees she lives in a land of make believe where cause and effect, responsibility and results are not related. Rather than address the problem they (I switched to ‘they’ because this investigation is an editorial board approved effort) address the results of programs put in place to remedy the problem but not as if they are related. Rather, they address the problem as being caused by the programs but without any connection. And their solution is to first blame the system they put in place and then to put in place additional programs which will only enable or exacerbate the problem and never once will they see the connection.

Where do you even start with something like this? You have seven kids beginning at the age of 15 by multiple fathers with the father of your two youngest, a drug dealer that pawns your stuff and is not living with you, ending up being gunned down in a gang war and the author of the article paints the picture, and likely believes, the woman ended up in jail because of an unpaid parking ticket.

This story is a tragedy for sure and there sure are problems with every system put in place to solve problems that are mostly caused by the systems put in place to solve them but the biggest problem by far and the one that does the most damage is the intent and construction of the investigation and writing of the article. The story of these girls lives is not nearly as tragic as the story written about their lives.

Story should be titled, Stay in school and keep your knees together.