Liberals Can’t Deal With A President Who Takes America’s Side

By on Jul 12, 2017

Liberals Can’t Deal With A President Who Takes America’s Side

Kurt Schlichter Posted: Jul 10, 2017

Let me throw down this marker: The West is superior to the rest of the world in every significant way, we should aggressively back our allies over our enemies, and the guiding principle of our foreign policy should always be America’s interests. No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt.

What are your questions?

Well, if you’re a normal American, you won’t have any questions – these truths are self-evident. But if you’re a progressive, you’re gonna have a little sissy snit fit like so many libs did in the wake of the President’s triumphant Warsaw speech. There’s one thing that always sets them off – uttering the truth/heresy that not only is Western civilization the best and most advanced culture in the history of humanity, but the United States of America is its greatest manifestation.

The immigrants and refugees get it. Which way are they always headed? North, to the comparative paradise of the Western world, or south, to the hellscape of the Third World? That’s a gimme. They are never headed south, and everyone knows it. Yet the left still insists that we stop believing our lying eyes and start believing the liberal Fifth Column of multicultural liars infesting America’s alleged elite.

Except our eyes aren’t lying, and now we have a President who won’t lie either. It makes them nuts.

Can you imagine Felonia von Pantsuit uttering the glorious words our Commander-In-Chief spoke to our steadfast, loyal Polish brothers-in-arms? No, she would have continued Obama’s despicable sellout of these sturdy heroes, leaving them to the mercy of her reset buddy Vlad.

I served with the Poles overseas. To get those hardcore boys cheering, you gotta bring your A game. They cheered Trump. And naturally the libs lost their collective mind.


So, while Trump was reciting manifest truths like the fact that Western civilization is the height of human achievement and worth fighting and dying for, the liberals were their own usual enemy-hugging selves – lying and distracting. How dare America’s President stick up for America!

One of CNN’s femboys was squeeing like a tween about somebody not shaking Trump’s hand, and if channeling the world’s least hot mean girl wasn’t enough, he even botched the story – there was no handshake diss. On the upside, this massive humiliation was the least embarrassing thing that has happened to CNN during the last two weeks.

Back home, everyone’s favorite Islamic radical apologist and Democrat idol Linda Sansour was flapping her lie hole again, this time declaring that #TheResistance was part and parcel of jihad. That’s sort of true, since jihad and liberalism share in common the fact that they are both practiced by cowardly buffoons who hate normal Americans. One murders its victims itself, while the other outsources to the media the programming of half-wit Maddow fans to try – ineptly – to do their murdering for them.

This Sansour idiot symbolizes much of why liberalism is a total failure, rejected by all who are decent and normal. Leftists, especially liberal feminists, drool over her hatred of normal women who don’t buy into her evil ideology. She is the perfect heroine for a progressive movement that is based solely on self-loathing and a desire to destroy the very culture that allowed its practitioners to be such frivolous clowns in the first place.

It’s their daddy issues playing out on a cultural scale. These liberal scumbags aren’t worthy of respect, and because they don’t get any from us normals, they want revenge – or at least to be noticed by the patriarchy that rejects them. It’s like some spoiled rich girl who tries to get attention by promising to act out when ignored.

 “I’ll show you, Daddy! I’m going to go to college, shave my head, get a big tattoo, and experiment in unsexy lesbianism!”

Except here, progressives are playing out their weird psychodrama on a national scale. Liberals especially love Sansour because they think that by sucking up to her they can stick it to the man while avoiding any accountability – she can spit the contempt they feel but can’t publicly express without completely destroying what little credibility they have left with the normals.

But the problem for what the President accurately labels “the haters” is that the mainstream media has failed in its gatekeeper gambit and can’t suppress the truth any longer. That clip of Jihadi Jane is all over social media, and in 2018 and 2020 we will see plenty of her in ads attacking the liberal candidates who sucked up to her. And they’ll be other dirtbag pinko celebrities in those ads, like that cop-killing Puerto Rican terrorist the Democrats in New York were sniffing around. Liberals always get supersensitive when conservatives point out their treachery and lack of patriotism. They don’t get mad because the charges are false; they get furious because the charges are true and that they’re being exposed.

That’s why they hated Donald Trump’s stirring defense of Western civilization and of the United States. They hate America, and what it stands for. Just ask them. They’ll often drop their weasel words and hedging to tell you so explicitly, assuming they think no one normal is listening. Their hero Barack Obama said as much in so many words between his fits of babbling apologies to scummy foreigners. He wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America into something else, most likely some commie dystopia that would make Venezuela shudder and declare war on its own people, which means normal patriots like us. Normals instinctively understand that no one wants to “fundamentally transform” something he loves.

Perhaps that’s Trump’s greatest sin in the eyes of the left. He actually loves the United States, and acts like it.