How do you explain these things?

By on Jul 15, 2017

I do not believe any such thing exists as that which we call coincidence. That being said there are just some things that are very difficult to explain. This article is a great example. Believe what you want, believe who you want but when “official” explanations do not make sense even to a casual observer (the explanation for 9/11 made as much sense to me as the lone gunman Kennedy explanation) a thinking person is forced to conclude that something stinks. My biggest problem has always been, WHO is pulling the strings and how are they able to manipulate so many and why, when so many questions seem so obvious, are there no investigations by anyone of substance and if there are and the investigators suddenly disappear or end up mysteriously dead why doesn’t that prompt even further investigation?

Here is another question. I do believe men are inherently wicked with every inclination of their heart to evil ALL the time. I do not believe anything the government tells us,I think it is because what is so obvious corruption nothing ever happens. Like this, for instance, I believe these are all for show, to secure the cover up, to find out is someone needs to mysteriously disappear of commit suicide.