What should be done and why nothing gets done is

By on Jul 17, 2017

explained completely in this article. Though the author only covers the first half of the story the second half is just as plain as if it had been written. And while I disagree with the author’s depiction of Senators Grassley and Feinstein it is that depiction that, unfortunately, describes the unwritten portion that is the real problem – NOTHING gets done because if one stone REALLY overturned the public is going to find not only the hens but those tasked with watching the hen house as well. Grassley and Feinstein (as well as Trey Gowndy or any of the others) dare not conduct a real investigation because they know that the stench of corruption covers every inch of their persons as well. What other possible explanation can there be for NOTHING, even that which is obvious and easily discerned, EVER being done about ANYTHING?

Russia Scandal? Give Us A Reason to Care

By  |  July 15, 2017

History tends to repeat itself. Some two decades ago, an actual scandal resulted in impeachment proceedings, and an eventual acquittal. President Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship with a 22 year old White House Intern by the name of Monica Lewinsky. Once exposed, this sex scandal became caught up in the Paula Jones sexual assault lawsuit, as well as the investigation by the Independent Counsel, Ken Starr, who was investigating several other Clinton scandals.

The President was acquitted primarily because his masters of spin in collusion with the MSM managed to turn the story from the illegal acts of perjury and obstruction of justice to that of sex. “It’s just sex” became the liberal Democratic mantra. And anybody knows, sex isn’t a high crime or misdemeanor.

A funny thing happened during those turbulent months, the American public basically tuned out. They bought the “just about sex” spin, decided they didn’t care, and went on about their lives. The President wasn’t convicted because the public simply didn’t care. The story had been on the news 24/7 for months, the economy was booming, there was relative peace, and for all of Rush Limbaugh’s daily 3 hour screed, most Americans just wanted to move on.

This Russia wannabe scandal is just about at the point now: (Politico)

Anyone who thinks the Republican base will abandon President Donald Trump over the latest Russia revelations is sorely mistaken. According to a POLITICO survey of more than two dozen local Republican Party leaders in counties where 2018’s most competitive races are shaping up, the GOP grass roots aren’t fazed by news of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last year with a Kremlin-linked lawyer or the daily drip of stories about Trump and Russia. They aren’t even paying close attention.“It’s pretty much a non-issue. Most people that do reference it, reference it as a witch hunt. It’s a one-sided thing: ‘Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia.’ I hear more about that than any credible evidence against Trump, Trump Jr.,” said Carl Bunce, chairman of the Las Vegas-based GOP in Nevada’s Clark County, where two tight House races are expected to be fought. “It’s just all noise to people on the ground here. People on the ground are just concerned about job security. It’s almost embarrassing for the media from my perspective. Move on. I’m sure they could find something else to report on,” he said.

There are several reasons for ennui, but chief among them is the blatant hypocrisy on display daily by Congress. Every time the Post or Times has another leak, the Democrats rush to get in front of a microphone or on Morning Joe, and the Republicans either cower or vow to continue to demand answers through their numerous committees.

Politicians can only act indignant for so long. Especially if they are on a committee. People begin to wonder why they are trying to compete with Maxine Waters for a microphone instead of actually getting something done via the work of the investigatory committee.

This week’s news concerning the Senate Judiciary Committee and Sen. Chuck Grassley R-IA is no different (Politico)

The committee on Wednesday announced a July 19 hearing that listed Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, as a witness. His inclusion raised the specter of public testimony about the dossier’s seamy and contested claims of sexual misconduct and a years-long Kremlin conspiracy to get Trump elected. The co-founder of a political and corporate intelligence firm behind an explosive dossier alleging Russian intelligence influence over President Donald Trump will not testify next week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to two sources familiar with his plans.But the request for Simpson to appear was voluntary, and it’s unclear whether the committee will seek to compel his testimony. Spokespeople for Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa and ranking member Dianne Feinstein of California did not respond to requests for comment.

Somehow the charges of treason ring hollow when you are requesting a voluntary appearance before the Senate Judiciary committee. The list of those who Senators Grassley and Feinstein would like to voluntarily appear is growing, and they range from Stone, Manafort, Trump Jr., Kushner, Rice, Lynch, Powers and now include Mr. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. But when push comes to shove, the voting public has not seen one of these in a public appearance before the committee.

Senator Grassley and Senator Feinstein are serious politicians, and I believe both bring intellectually honest gravitas to their positions on the Senate Judiciary committee. However, that belief will be strained unless it becomes evident they are serious about compelling testimony.

It is incumbent upon Senator Grassley to understand fairness demands equal treatment. Start at the beginning, and build a narrative the public can follow. Subpoena the Fusion GPS CEO, Glenn Simpson, and by all means give him immunity if he want to plead the Fifth. Do whatever is necessary to get his complete testimony in the public record. Question him thoroughly about his work with the Clinton campaign, compel him to answer which Republican initially engaged his firm to get dirt on Mr. Trump, and make him reveal his relationship with Sen. McCain.

Next, subpoena the Republican Presidential candidate that engaged Fusion, and publicly expose their collusion with some nasty Russian characters, as well as a British spy. After that, bring in Sen. McCain and then James Comey.

Allow the public to see the ongoing interaction between the RINOs and the Clintons. Make sure the public understands how this really was a swamp thing from the get-go, then bring in Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch and Samatha Powers and get to the bottom of the intelligence leaks, the illegal surveillance and the unmasking of US private citizens.

Only then, should you even think about anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign. Only then will we have some concept of how all of this fits together.

It is time to put this to bed. It is time for all of the facts to come out. It is time to expose the complicit activity between RINOs and Democrats. Its high time for this swamp to be cleared out.