What does it take to wake the brain dead?

By on Jul 19, 2017

I have become of the belief that most unfortunately some people are so dense they really must be considered brain dead. It is one thing to claim two plus two does not equal four when your corrupt existence and salary depends on your lying but it is quite another to believe two plus two equals five just because someone tells you it does. Truly, believers in global warming or cooling or any man caused meteorological effect ending in the earth’s destruction deserve to be told and SHOULD be told… “You, sir, are an idiot”. Whey we allow them to tell us we are the idiots is beyond me.

Twenty-Five Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All

DDT, Global Cooling, China Syndrome, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Climate Change – the left moves seamlessly from one world ending snake oil scam to another. In 1992 they blamed the ozone hole on President Bush, and said it was going to kill us all.

12 Mar 1992, Page 8 – Detroit Free Press

NASA predicted an ozone hole over North America that winter, and said “it is far worse than we thought.”

20 Feb 1992, Page 39 – The Akron Beacon Journal

There never was a Northern Hemisphere Ozone Hole, and the one over Antarctica has not changed in size since the CFC ban was implemented.


The Democratic Party is the largest crime syndicate in history.

And check out this report from 2011. I guess it is going to be impossible to bring the dead to life.