Some real beauts even in the great state of Texas.

By on Sep 16, 2017

I really can’t understand what provokes people to do something like this. Did this guy not like his job – though I will note he has not been fired or resigned from his brain-washing position at the college and that is far more disturbing. His being fired by his law firm only tells you how corrupt his firm is.  I am quite sure the tweet storm in Texas had a little to do with it but not as much likely as their largest, richest rancher or oil man client explaining to them that regardless your politics we don’t take kindly to rape here in Texas and that type of talk is an example of a poorly functioning mind and lack of moral character which we value here in Texas. The fact that the college has taken no action though is the real indication of what is wrong with America (and certain parts of Texas).

If a reasoning mind believes it is alright for CERTAIN women to be raped because they disagree with the person who possesses that mind and the administration of a college does not see that as evil what does it say about the admin, about the parents who allow their children to attend, about the rest of the faculty?

It is the reasoning mind part that astonishes me most of all. That which separates us from the animals wasted, ignored, suppressed and not just by this one poor individual but by hundreds more in the story who live their lives by imagination rather than thinking.

Texas prof resigns from law firm after tweeting he’d be ‘ok’ with DeVos sexual assault

A Texas professor and lawyer reportedly has resigned from his firm after tweeting that he’d be “ok” with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos being sexually assaulted.

Robert Ranco had posted a tweet late last week saying, “I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

The tweet was one of several criticizing DeVos for moving to overhaul how Title IX rules are applied to campus sex assault cases. DeVos claims those rules have led to improper investigations, though Ranco alleged she was making the world more dangerous for girls.

Ranco’s account and the tweet itself have since been taken down.

As reported by Campus Reform, Ranco is an adjunct professor of paralegal studies at Austin Community College and part of the Carlson Law Firm.

But according to Fox 7 in Austin, the firm’s founder Craig Carlson has announced Ranco’s resignation – after a Twitter backlash.

“I wasn’t going to make a rash decision about a member of this family just to appease people on social media. That said, I considered the health of everyone in our organization, promised my partners and my employees that we would act according to the values of our firm, and sat down to speak with Mr. Ranco,” he said in a statement, according to Fox 7.

Carlson said they concluded that “even expressing apathy towards sexual assault is [an] affront to all victims and a line that simply cannot be uncrossed.”

He said Ranco “is taking full responsibility and choosing to resign.”

In a statement to KVUE, Ranco called the tweet a “mistake.” He apologized and said he takes “full responsibility.”