Accidental Truth.

By on Sep 21, 2017

This is quite unexpected, a real piece of journalism from Time magazine though I am quite certain the author does not know what he is actually communicating just as I am quite sure the dems quoted don’t realize what they are actually saying. The entire article linked above is worth reading but here are just a few of the examples proving neither the author or the dems know what they are doing.

The author first cites these stats,

“when Clinton seemed to be coasting toward the White House and demographic change fueled dreams of a permanent national majority… eight months into the Trump presidency, the party looks to face its toughest odds since Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984. The Democrats are in their deepest congressional rut since the class of 1946 was elected, and hold the fewest governors’ mansions–15–since 1922. Of the 98 partisan legislatures in the U.S., Republicans control 67. During Barack Obama’s presidency, Democrats lost 970 seats in state legislatures, leaving the party’s bench almost bare. The median age of their congressional leadership is 67, and many of the obvious early presidential front runners will be in their 70s by the 2020 election.”

a mere trifling of a problem – NO?

And then this rhetoric by Warren,

“”The Democratic Party isn’t going back to the days of welfare reform and the crime bill,” she said in not-at-all-veiled criticism of President Bill Clinton’s mid-’90s strategy to peel off Republican votes. “We are not a wing of today’s Democratic Party,” Warren declared to her fellow liberals. “We are the heart and soul of today’s Democratic Party.”


coupled with the insane Bernie supporters who are defining the dems,

“under pressure from supporters of insurgent Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democrats adopted the most progressive platform in their history, which called for free college for families earning $125,000 or less and Medicare options for Americans as young as 55. This march to the left has become a sprint since Clinton’s defeat.”

and then hrow in this lunacy from schumer,

“…the party lost the White House in 2016 because it had a “namby-pamby” message on the economy. He’s not risking that again, working with members from both chambers on an aggressive, worker-focused message. The blueprint, dubbed “A Better Deal,” has Warren’s fingerprints all over it, calling for a national $15-per-hour minimum wage and cheaper drugs, colleges and child care. “

If this is the road the dems keep up, and I see no reason for it to ease up, the dems will be in the wilderness for a long, long time. (and the author makes no mention of Schultz or the wiretapping which are really going to further alienate the white working class which knows, unlike those that don’t or haven’t worked, that there is NO WAY to pay for free college because nothing is free, that $15 minimum wage kills jobs, that universal healthcare is no healthcare and that all of the other things progressives are selling are the same things they have been selling since at least 1965 and all that has happened is that we are $20 TRILLION in debt and NOTHING they promised has happened. The white working class also doesn’t very much care for cheating or lying – two things the dems are not as good at as they were now that the msm has lost its power.)

Some other gems by these dems that can only want to turn states even more RED –

“A group of prominent liberal Democrats, including some 2020 hopefuls, are pushing a national single-payer health care plan-” — what a great thing to run on since much of gop shift has occurred due to their current train wreck of a healthcare plan

“Representative Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois threatened on Sept. 8 that Democrats may shut down the government in December if Congress doesn’t provide a pathway for undocumented immigrants to become citizens.” — an impossibility without gop help so really but lets hope they keep up their open border rhetoric, in fact, lets hope it gets louder.

“Running on progressive values,” strategist Adam Green told a candidates’ training session in Washington this summer, “is how Democrats will win.” – This is a strategist? The word values and progressive cannot even exist in the same sentence. Lets hope they really run with this also.

And then there is this truly self-deceptive hopium by, “Stephanie Schriock, president of Emily’s List, a group dedicated to electing women who support abortion rights. “This is not a party of one leader. It’s just not.” – what planet does she live on?

When you look at the map in the article and just listen to what these wizards of smart are saying and realize all they are trying to do is figure out a way to trick or fool the American white working class as they had for 40-50 years you realize the dems biggest problem is they don’t stand for anything. And you can recognize the opportunity for the gop has never been greater – too bad there are such corrupt pieces of drek on the gop side.