There is really only one question.

By on Oct 17, 2017

When are these people going to be in jail? As the proof starts to be uncovered, proof of what every honest patriot withe half a brain knew was taking place for eight years, proof of what everyone knew started 16 years before that, as the actual paper trail and audio trail and email trail is uncovered more and more it is only compounded by the lack of action by the current justice department leading to one other question, why are they not charging these criminals. Heck, this stuff borders on treason if it is not treason. It certainly is criminal and a crime against the citizens of this country. If nothing comes of all that the democrats are guilty of there can only be one conclusion – the entirety of DC is so corrupt, so greedy, that they are afraid of going after anyone because they will be exposed themselves. The only thing I find odd about that possibility is that I am certain if the roles were reversed the dems would not waste one minute ruining the lives and incarcerating as many republicans as they possibly could. I simply cannot explain that.

What we need to see happen is for Mueller to be fired and investigated and for Jeff Sessions to start frog marching the rest of these criminals to jail and then to the courtroom and then to the hangman’s noose. Why isn’t that taking place? Hollywood, Washington, D.C.- these places are cesspools with nary a difference between them as far as the type of people they attract. As a further example, until September 2013, the FBI director was Robert Mueller — who’s now the special counsel probing Russian meddling in the 2016 election. How can this guy be trusted with an investigation into Russian meddling when he has already covered one up?

This is what happens when man does not fear God and if there is any solace in this undeniable corruption, collusion and likely treason it is this – “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”.