The disconnect is fascinating. Disturbing, but fascinating.

By on Dec 21, 2017

So here are all these people in these various bastions of liberalism having apparently accomplished what they wanted, as evidenced by their votes both locally, statewide and nationally, fleeing what they have created without the slightest idea that they are responsible for what they are running away from. How can this be? How can masses of people be so disconnected from the simple, common sense, God-given ability to discern CAUSE and EFFECT?

Here is even a simpler question, how can populations of people VOTE for people who TELL them they are going to RAISE their taxes even though they NEVER see ANY improvement in the institutions or services provided by those TAXES? How can you witness the absolute waste of your money and DECIDE to give even more? How can you live through 40 years of democrat machine pilfering and destruction of your environment and VOTE for more of the same people?

Just how stupid are these people in these liberal hell holes? How in the world cannot they not make the connection because cause and effect? How can you not see that the reason you want to move from the corruption, blight, waste, fraud and high taxes is because of YOU? How can you want to move to be with a people who have not caused their own destruction but when you get there you want to repeat the same behavior that destroyed the land you are fleeing? How do you dig a hole so deep you can’t get out and conclude that the solution is to keep digging?

Are we to have pity and compassion on these fools?

“…it’s hardly surprising that the Prairie State lost a net 33,700 residents in fiscal year 2017, according to the Census Bureau.  Also not surprising is the fact that the mass exodus from Illinois was the largest of any state in the country with lower taxed, lower cost of living states like Texas and Florida posting the biggest gains. 

Of course, the net population loss masks the true gross outflow of Illinois residents as it doesn’t account for natural births/deaths. Assuming that Illinois has the same natural population growth as the U.S. as a whole (0.7%) implies that the state lost a staggering ~125,000 residents in aggregate, or roughly 1 man/woman/child every 4.3 minutes.

Meanwhile, adding insult to injury, the domestic migration out of Illinois was enough to push the state down one notch on the state population ranking tables to just below Pennsylvania. Per Illinois Policy:

Of course, this is all terrible news for Illinois retirees whose pension obligations continue to grow every year and currently stand at nearly $130 billion…”  – Tyler Durden