They have been given all the rope they need. The hangings can’t be far off.

By on Dec 26, 2017

“At some point, though, perhaps early on, the FBI and DOJ learned that the dossier was actually a partisan opposition-research product. By then, they were dug in. No one, after all, would be any the wiser: Hillary would coast to victory, so Democrats would continue running the government; FISA materials are highly classified, so they’d be kept under wraps. Just as it had been with the Obama-era’s Fast and Furious and IRS scandals, any malfeasance would remain hidden.” – Andrew McCarthy – Andy lays out the entire thing right here.

But this paragraph is the entirety of the scandal. Hillary was supposed to win and all the corruption was to remain hidden. The status quo would have remained undisturbed and the business of theft and corruption would have continued uninterrupted. They are scrambling to hide all this crap because the truth has been exposed, a light has been shone on those who love darkness and what has been hidden and denied for decades is about to hit the fan.

They’ve been doing nefarious, criminal stuf for so long…and getting away with it, for so long ( especially the Clintons)…” they ” just felt immune.

The entire ( at least 90+%) media shills for ” them “.

Whitewater. Lewinsky. Cattle futures. Uranium One. Haiti. Fast and Furious. Politicized and weaponized IRS and almost ALL other agencies. And THE BIG ONE- installing as Potus a foreign born agent.  Lynch on a plane. Emails and SAP docs on an unsecured servers. Pay for Play on so many levels it is sickening. And that’s just off the top of my head.

They really, really thought they could just do whatever they pleased and get away with it. Because…why not? They have been..for years. Somebody tell me the last time any pol or gov higher up has been held to account….for ANYTHING. Those who are supposed to be our advocates do nothing but ask questions. The guilty take the fifth and then take early retirement with full pensions, healthcare for life and idyllic lives in south Florida.

I beleive Trump and Company have been letting them continue to dig themselves deeper for a year now. They’ve dug their hole so deep now…there is no getting out. They are just letting Mueller run….the only dirt he can EVER uncover is Swamp dirt…the result being he will either have to indict the perennial dirt to preserve his “impeccable reputation” or he will end up indicting himself.

This is the biggest political scandal in our nation’s history. And we have a front row seat.