What a good question. Trump plays media fools like a Stradivarius again and again and again.

By on Jan 12, 2018

I find it most amazing that none of the people in the media can see that they are being played for fools. That Trump, by doing nothing more than telling the truth, in this case asking what everyone thinks but is afraid to ask, consistently unmasks these hypocrites or liars or just plain stupid “reporters” for what they are. I tend toward the stupid answer because it has been going on for over two and a half years now and they still haven’t learned. Amazingly, you have to group the majority of those on Capitol Hill in the same category as they have been played for 11 months and still don’t even know they are being played.

These two groups suffer from related but different afflictions. The first suffer from terminal self-righteousness, the moral superiority feigned by these phonies who everyone knows are nothing but amoral dirt bags sickens as much as their lying.  The second from the more dangerous disease of “it only matters how much something costs when it benefits us to say it costs too much, there is no relationship between cause and effect, and I can do whatever I want because I am who I am and I am better than everyone else”. A deadly disease, not for those afflicted but for the population who are virtually powerless to do anything to protect themselves from it. Fortunately and finally the population has elected themselves a champion to fight for them and he is so far superior to those first two groups that this one man is very likely to defeat them both.

This latest brouhaha is but the most recent example of his genius, especially his negotiating genius and his manipulation of the press genius. He plays the congress with a live negotiating session, something that has never been done before, he flatters the attendees, he says they are smart and will come up with a solution and they go away thinking they have him and the press comes away confused and with egg on their face. A day later this same group show up with what they believe is a solution they have never been able to reach before, solely because they are so arrogant that they believe they are “so smart” and can now roll Trump and he says one line of Truth and their and their media masters come completely unglued. It is as beautiful to watch as it is to see the outcome one of which may be the unveiling of the Clinton Foundation THEFT and corruption that took place in Haiti after the earthquake (which may have been the impetus for the remark to begin with which, by the way, whether he said it or not it is still true). I know that were I responsible for STEALING billions from some sh**hole I wouldn’t be running my mouth off –

Nor would I be allowing my idiot daughter to run hers especially given that STOLEN Haitian money was used to pay for her wedding

It really is quite remarkable what effect just the least little bit of light can have on those who love the darkness.

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