If no one notices any difference…

By on Jan 20, 2018

the dems are taking a big chance. Especially considering they shut it down which is weird in itself since they consistently use the shut down as a threat against the GOP if they should do it. Funny how the double standard does not seem to matter to them or anyone else. This only demonstrates the deceitfulness and duplicity of the press. How can the democrats shut down the gov’t but the press report it as the fault of the GOP? Still, the risk is much greater for the dems for if no one notices any real difference it certainly will make it difficult to continue to argue for more government when it becomes very apparent we don’t even need the one we have.  Even this article written with your typical communist bloomberg bias can hardly hide how little the average person will be affected.

Personally, I hope they stay shut for months and months and then Americans will truly see how little they need government and how little government does and how much money they waste. Not good for the dems and no doubt the longer it goes the more endangered many jobs become and that certainly does not fit the dem playbook either.

One last, I submit those with the greatest chance of not returning to work are those on the list below. From the included article:

The Executive Office of the President will be dramatically pared down, according to a memo released on Friday night.