If you are this stupid and this careless you don’t deserve to be dog catcher.

By on Feb 1, 2018

The newly elected democrat mayor of Nashville (you have to read well into the story to find this out) has admitted to an affair. OK, she has trouble with fidelity which to me me speaks to character which speaks strongly to everyday decision making but be that as it may what really is cause for alarm is this:

“Barry and Forrest are both married. Barry said the relationship was discovered during conversations between their spouses and private discussions. Forrest, 58, was a regular presence with the mayor during public events, travel and even trips abroad. According to public records obtained by The Tennessean, thousands of taxpayer dollars covered Forrest’s travel with the mayor on city business. 

While several of the trips included other members of the mayor’s office, nine of the trips were with only Barry and Forrest, including a trip to Greece in September.”

Good gosh, how stupid do you think your spouses are? How arrogant are you? How little do you care about how much you hurt the people in your life and then compound it by doing it right in their face.

I hope the people of Nashville have enough brains to dump this amoral home wrecker.

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