It is almost impossible to be more wrong.

By on Jun 10, 2018

While this is an unfortunate story this description of what ails Oakland in particular and society in general by a member of the community inadvertently does describe what ails society just not in the way the speaker intended. The poor woman, a very typical “good” citizen could not describe more wrongly what is wrong.

“This whole incident is a pretty succinct manifestation of so many of Oakland’s current issues—racism, gentrification, white privilege, male privilege, hatred towards poor and homeless people, lack of resources due to funds not being allocated properly, lack of consequences for unjustifiably bullying of homeless people, and sheer apathy towards their predicaments.”

Other than “funds not being allocated properly” everything she cites are excuses wherein those that choose not to work or to avail themselves of the myriad of wasteful gov’t programs are the victims of another group indicating that it is the very existence of these other groups that cause homelessness. This is idiocy and 180 degrees opposite of what is truly wrong with society which can be summed in the words – This woman’s world view.