With apologies to that old adulterer refrain…

By on Jul 1, 2018

Are you going to believe me or your lying brain? This is the democrat campaign slogan heading into November. I have no reason to no believe the below numbers, do You? Apparently, even the democrats and independents are not believing what their “leaders” and their “news organizations” are telling them anymore. You don’t rally 30,000 people on a Thursday night in Minnesota because you are visiting your base. I can’t wait till November.


MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”…

Quick, with MAGA-shocking news reverberating there’s a mid-west rush on winnamins.

Remember that massive MAGA Trump rally last week in Duluth Minnesota? That would be the 9,000 strong rally where twice as many were turned away?

Well, the data team at MAGA HQ have crunched the numbers and Brad Parscale shares the results: “The crowd at the Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent.”