A record of the idiocy that is cortez.

By on Dec 7, 2018

New sub-category added today. I only wish I had started this record sooner. This woman is such a menace and frankly, so incredibly ignorant if not absolutely stupid that I am going to archive her comments so everyone can see how none of them have any substance, are founded on nothing, can only appeal to a non-thinking population and represent, quite frankly, a danger to the general welfare of this country. One need read no further than the headline of our first record which quotes her. The sentence has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. And when taken in view or what is going on in France right now if any meaning was to be ascribed to it that meaning would be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what she is saying. In France, “global warming governance” has caused ‘economic and social’ strife and unrest leading to riots in the streets which are not only against this new...

A fascinating Graphic.

By on Dec 6, 2018

Difficult to see what explanation other than the obvious anyone could offer for what is presented here. Larger version can be found here.

Again, say what you will, this is more than just a bit peculiar.

By on Dec 2, 2018

Bush Sr.’s speech at Gerald Ford’s funeral where he certainly seems to smirk when mentioning JFK;s assassination. http://thebrainsyouwerebornwith.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Bush-Sr.-Laughs-at-JFK-Shooting.mp4   If you care to follow this up with some interesting reading just take a look here…...

One Simple Question: WHY retweet this?

By on Dec 1, 2018